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Good news: Study shows no concerning effects of fertility treatment on children’s development

Good news: a new, large study shows there are no concerning effects of fertility treatment on children’s development. The global research, which tracked 158,000 IVF-conceived children from birth to adulthood, found small differences in the growth, weight, and body fat of IVF children reduced with age. Commenting on the study,…

New improved fertility policy for North Central London from 25 July

Positive news: from 25 July, North Central London CCG's new #fertility policy will improve access to NHS-funded fertility treatment for many in the area, which covers Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington. Women under 40 can access up to six embryo transfers from a maximum of three fresh #IVF cycles.…

Female same-sex couples and step-parents will now be able to access NHS fertility treatment in England, says Government in Women’s Health strategy

Good news: Fertility Network welcomes the Government's Women's Health Strategy and the commitment to improving access to NHS-funded fertility treatment, although there remains considerable progress to be made before the ‘IVF postcode lottery’ is removed. We would have liked to have seen a clear strategy for ending the current geographical…

Changes to gamete and embryo storage

A new UK law came into force at the start of July providing greater flexibility for people who wish to store their eggs, sperm or embryos. From 1 July 2022, all patients can store their eggs, sperm and embryos for their own treatment for up to 55 years, providing they…

What to do with your remaining embryos factsheet

Many people are left with frozen embryos after finishing treatment, but often feel unprepared for this. If you have completed your family, or cannot have more treatment, you may need to make a decision about any remaining embryos. Our Fertility Network factsheet outlines the different options available and signposts you…

Fertility Network’s tips for coping with Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a difficult day when you’re struggling to become a parent. It all too often feels like a cruel reminder of what you don’t have and most desperately long for and it may seem as if everyone is celebrating and you cannot be a part of that.…

AFFINITY the Fertility Network UK Magazine

Have you read the latest issue of our online magazine Affinity?

The importance of checking the man!

For far too long fertility in a heterosexual couple has been thought of as a female issue. For some reason society has led us this way and it’s not helping men or women.

Everest: Mission complete!

It was two years in the making, hampered by various rounds of Covid and other health challenges, but our #basecampforfertility challenge is now complete!

The Fertility Show Live

The Fertility Show is returning to London Olympia on 7th & 8th May 2022.

Tips for coping with Mother’s Day

Mother's Day can be one of the toughest days of the year when you're struggling with infertility. Here are some tips to help you get through the day.

Understanding Fertility: A news-style programme from Fertility Network, ITN Productions and British Fertility Society

Look out for Understanding Fertility, a news-style programme launching during Fertility Week 2022

They’ve done it: Everest #basecampforfertility

Massive congratulations - the HIMfertility team have made it to Everest base camp

Day 4 of #basecampforfertility challenge

Ian Stones, one of the 4-strong intrepid team trekking to Everest #basecampforfertility says:

Day 3 of #basecampforfertility challenge

What a picture. Just three days until the @HIMfertility team reach Everest base camp in their #basecampforfertility challenge. Please do give generously: they are doing this to raise awareness of #malefertility issues and to help us continue to support anyone facing #fertility struggles. We are humbled by their efforts. Details…

Day 3 of #basecampforfertility challenge

Ian Stones says: Day 3 of trekking today!

Day 2 of #basecampforfertility challenge

Here's the incredible @HIMfertility #basecampforEverest team. This was day 2 of their trek.

Big Fat Negative: Tell us about your jourrrrney

I still remember the first time I expressed how I was feeling about infertility. I was on the 37 bus, heading to work and I was crying. I had been convinced I was pregnant - I was 10 days late, for goodness sake, and I definitely had a metallic taste…

Infertility and perinatal mental health

With support, care and understanding, Fertility Network's hope is that the experience of parenting for those following successful fertility treatment can finally be a positive one. Our guest blog for the Maternal Mental Health Alliance looks at infertility, its impact on perinatal mental health and best practice for support.…

Fertility in the Workplace: helping firms support staff on their fertility journey

Is your organisation doing all it can to support staff facing fertility struggles? There are more than 3.5 million people in the UK experiencing fertility problems, with the majority of them in employment, meaning staff within your organisation will be impacted.