Our free Support Line is run by two former fertility nurses, and offers a unique fertility support service.

Introducing Diane and Janet, former fertility nurses with a wealth of experience. They can help not only with minor medical questions but also advice and support.

Having many years of nursing experience and being with the charity for over twenty years, a call to Diane in complete confidence could be the support or answer you are looking for. And a warm welcome to Janet, who has made it possible for us to extend our service to five days a week.

It has been described on many occasions as a ‘lifeline’ by those dealing with fertility issues. It is very normal to feel isolated, out of control, lonely or depressed when dealing with infertility. Our Support Line is here to help, and is for everyone whatever problem you are struggling with.

What can I call about?

We are not here to diagnose, but however simple or complicated your question, Diane and Janet will try to answer you and support you through your queries and worries. Remember, no question is too trivial to ask – if it is bothering you, then ask away – this could be just the service you are looking for. And there’s no charge for this support!

Even if you just want to talk, why not give Diane or Janet a call on our Support Line or email. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Lines are open from 10am to 4pm

Diane – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 0121 3235025, support@fertilitynetworkuk.org

Janet – Tuesday and Thursday: 07816 086694, janet@fertilitynetworkuk.org