We are currently working as part of the Workplace Fertility Campaign Group, to campaign for much-needed change in employment legislation.

The Fertility Workplace Pledge and Workplace Fertility Campaign Group seeks to support anti-discrimination in the workplace, to protect the rights of those undergoing fertility treatment. Currently, those who are undergoing fertility treatments have no rights in the workplace and face discrimination, or anxiety around potential discrimination, and as a result often have to hide the fact that they are undergoing treatment for this recognised medical condition. We are privileged to be part of this process of change, and really hope to be able to make a difference to those experiencing fertility in the workplace in the future.

The Workplace Fertility Campaign Group presented a White Paper to MPs on ‘The Impact of Fertility Challenges in the Workplace’ in March 2024. You can view this paper here

The Fertility Workplace Pledge 

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After you sign up to the Workplace Pledge, the next step is implementing policies in your workplace. Fertility In The Workplace can help you!

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Juggling treatment and work is very tough. Many people are forced to deal with the side effects, risk of complications, and day-to-day practicalities in silence. They feel they cannot tell their employer for fear of being overlooked for promotion, having major projects taken off them, or being made redundant. Figures show that more than a third (36%) of people going through treatment have considered quitting their job.

(Nickie Aiken, MP)

The Fertility Workplace Pledge consists of four steps for employers to sign up to:

  1. Accessible information: Having an accessible workplace fertility policy to create an open culture free from stigma; to make sure employees feel comfortable in the workplace; and to prevent the best talent from leaving.
  2. Awareness in the workplace: Establishing the role of Fertility Ambassador to open conversations internally and make people aware of available support.
  3. Staff training: Making sure line managers understand the realities of treatment for employees including the physical, mental, and financial impact — and how they can support someone going through it.
  4. Flexible working: Giving the right for employees to request flexible working, including reasonable working adjustments, so they can attend appointments.

Organisations that have already signed up include Aldi, Cadent, Channel 4, Co-op, Fertility Matters at Work, Fertility Network UK, Metro Bank, NatWest Group, UK Hospitality, and Zurich Insurance, as well a range of law firms, recruiters, and events companies.

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Campaign with us!

You can help our campaign by writing to your local MP asking for their support for this proposed legislation, to offer the statutory right for time off for fertility treatment. All you need to do to find your local MP is click here and enter your postcode. You will need to share information with your MP about why this legislation matters to you and we have provided some key points to include in your message below. If you would like any support in writing to your MP, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, who will be very happy to guide you through this process.

As a guide, we would suggest you include the following:

  • Explain that as a constituent you expect them [your local MP] to support Nickie Aiken with a much-needed change in employment legislation, to protect the rights of those undergoing fertility treatment. 
  • Share this link to the White Paper, providing evidence to support the need for this change.
  • Reference the title of the bill: ‘Fertility Treatment: Employment Rights’ as well as the Fertility Workplace Pledge.
  • Share your own experience, including how it has impacted you, or your loved one, at work – personal stories can really help to bring life to the campaign.
  • Make sure to include your thoughts on what difference the bill would make to you, and others going through treatment.


Thank you for your support!