Our Mission is to educate and support companies in understanding the impact of fertility issues and treatment on both companies and employees alike. We believe that supporting employees on this journey, can provide a company with improved productivity and retention at work, and more importantly ensure the wellbeing of their staff.


Thanks to VCSE Health and Wellbeing Fund, part of a partnership programme between Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England, and UK Health Security Agency, Fertility In The Workplace (FITW) are delighted to be able to offer free education and support packages to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), self employed and unemployed women across England.

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Our Fertility in the Workplace initiative can help you to implement a fertility policy and ensure your staff and managers understand the impact of fertility and treatment so they can support those around them.  As the leading national fertility charity, we provide a unique service bringing our experience and expertise in the field, as well as offering our ongoing support package to employees to ensure that no one experiencing fertility problems ever needs to feel alone.

The whole team is really available, really knowledgeable, very empathic and supporting…[I learned and can make use of the information] that IVF medical appointment can be considered as any other medical appointment…The Fertility Network team is amazing and so far has been supporting me in every step of this scary journey. making me feel empowered to take the right decisions and supported by experts.

What we can offer

  • Education and information on what fertility treatments entail, including statistics, lived experience and treatment options.

  • An understanding of the impact on mental health that a fertility journey can have on an individual and access to free workplace wellbeing programmes for your staff to attend.

  • Guidance in creating and implementing workplace policies to support women and men who are facing fertility treatments.

  • 1:1 support, workshops and information for anyone going through a fertility journey or trying to support those who are.

  • Factsheets on specific topics that may be relevant to your employees.

  • Posters for staff rooms to enable employees to easily access our support services and open the door for conversations on the topic.

Here at FITW, we know that ‘one size does not fit all’ so we can tailor any of our services to best suit your company’s needs and requirements, including focussing on specific fertility issues, such as fertility preservation, LGBTQ+ and single women treatment, involuntary childlessness, the male perspective and moving on from treatments to alternative pathways.

A key thing to remember, as an employer or manager, is that by the time a couple or individual reaches the stage of fertility treatments, they have probably already endured a number of years of trying to conceive and their mental health will already have been impacted. Having a good understanding of what fertility treatments can involve and recognising that this is not a choice but a medical condition, can make all the difference to an employee in trying to juggle this difficult journey alongside their workplace commitments. Flexibility & understanding is key!

FiTW have years of experience working with small and large organisations developing tailored fertility policies. Way back in 2004, our work with Unison in Scotland led to the introduction of a fertility policy across all 32 local authorities and today our FiTW initiative is flourishing. We have worked with the likes of HSBC, Unilever, Tesco, the Ministry of Defence, LinkedIn, Sony and Barclays, as well as smaller employers including Peppy Health, local authorities and NHS trusts. We believe improving knowledge of fertility and reproductive health within society is essential – from education to the workplace. 

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1 in 6 of us worldwide are currently experiencing fertility problems, and many of us are in employment.

The issue of fertility health is sadly neglected in the UK – even though most people consider having children as the most important decision of their lives. Infertility is recognised by the World Health organisation as a disease of the reproductive system and should be handled at work in the same way as any other health condition, however it is often considered to be a non-medical condition and even a ‘life-style choice’.

Contact us for more information on how you can improve your fertility in the workplace support, however large or small those changes may be, there is something for everyone.

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“Fertility Network’s event was fantastic – extremely informative & personable. It brought together a community who might not otherwise have shared their stories”

Ministry of Defence

Lunch and Learn Session

This informal session helps to raise the general awareness of infertility.  This introduction allows individuals to support co-workers, friends and family who may be facing difficulties trying to conceive.

Fertility Policy Consultation

Our in-house experts will support your team to introduce or review an existing policy to make sure that your company is best able to support your employees with a minimum impact to them and their co-workers.

Panel Discussions

Our panel discussions help break fertility taboos by using lived-in experiences, as well as professional advice by leading experts. These sessions can be recorded and shared internally later.