Volunteers make a huge difference to the work of the charity, enabling us to reach out to many more individuals.

Without our volunteers, we would not be able to provide such a wide network of support. There are many ways in which you can volunteer for us.


Run a local support group

Local support groups provide a much needed opportunity to meet up, face-to-face, with others who understand the issues. Sharing experiences can help you feel less isolated, more supported and more able to cope with everything.

You do need to commit a few hours each month to running and facilitating the group. Providing much needed support can be extremely rewarding.


Become a student ambassador volunteer

Students will represent and raise awareness of the charity in places of education and in local area to highlight the services and support we provide.

The benefits include meeting and working with new people, learning new skills which would benefit future applications to further education or employment while having fun, gain experience of event participation, fundraising and charity sector in general, knowledge that your support will help people experiencing fertility issues


Become a media volunteer

Sharing your experiences with the media is an invaluable way to help us raise awareness of fertility issues.

Personal stories are often the best way to highlight the impact which fertility problems have on the 3.5 million people who experience difficulties conceiving.  Single women, as well as same sex couples, often face different but equally difficult issues when trying to conceive.  For those who are not successful in having their family, facing the challenges of childlessness is often vastly misunderstood.

Sharing your story can help bring better understanding of the physical, emotional and psychological impact of fertility problems.


For more information on the roles mentioned above, or other roles that you may be interested in please look at our volunteer pack:

Fertility Network UK Volunteer Pack

Fertility Network Scotland Volunteer Pack

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please complete the application form, and return it to our Volunteer Co-ordinator:

UK Volunteer Application Form

Scotland Volunteer Application Form

Our Volunteer Co-ordinator is here to help provide training, support and guidance to help ensure you have the necessary skills before joining our team of volunteers. If you would like discuss volunteering further then please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Email: volunteer@fertilitynetworkuk.org

Phone: 01421732361