Here at FITW we recognise that juggling workplace commitments alongside the strains of undergoing fertility treatments can cause additional distress during what is already an incredibly difficult time. We are here to support you.

With the launch of the Women’s Health Strategy, a 10 year plan to better support women’s health, particularly in the workplace, we are in a strong position to move forward in raising awareness of fertility struggles and it’s impact on those who are affected.

Over 3.5 million people in the UK go through some kind of fertility challenge. Nobody should struggle alone. 

We are here to support you on a 1:1 basis or as part of a group, to help you understand your workplace rights, discuss how to approach your employers, provide information on your treatment options and access connections with others who have shared experiences.

What we can offer:


FiTW Workplace Ambassador Programme


Workplace Ambassadors provide a key role in inspiring change in the workplace and offering direct support to colleagues within their own organisation.



The role involves the following:

  • Be a point of contact to colleagues and managers for 1:1 support
  • Encourage your organisation to review/implement workplace policy around fertility treatments and associated reproductive health issues
  • Update your organisation on news and events relating to fertility in the workplace
  • Encourage open conversations about fertility issues and the impact on all areas of life
  • Provide signposting to relevant professional organisations
  • Encourage organisations to sign up to Fertility in the Workplace support packages
  • Encourage organisations to sign up to the parliamentary Fertility Workplace Pledge

How to sign up…

All you need to do to sign up for this programme is request our information pack and speak to your line manager/HR department about it. Tell them why you want to do it, show them the information we provide and ask them to confirm they are happy for you to enrol. There is no cost involved and the benefit to the organisation is that it demonstrates they are seeking to actively support the wellbeing of their workforce. A great message to send to both existing and potential staff.

Send us confirmation of this agreement and we will set you up with all you need to take on this incredibly worthwhile role in your workplace.

“Fertility Network UK has given me the support to openly talk in confidence and with courage about my own fertility journey…the organisation has given me a huge passion to really want to create awareness and change for individuals and work establishments…I am thankful that Fertility Network UK has made me feel empowered, comfortable about talking about the ‘uncomfortable’ and has allowed me to see the real need for awareness and change…thank you, you have changed my life!”

Fertility in the Workplace, Workplace Ambassador