2021 Webinar Series

This series is aimed at those “Trying to Conceive” but finding that it is not as easy as they had hoped.

Our webinars offer free digital access to the expert opinion and advice, from our excellent guest speakers, about the many issues that have to be tackled when coping with the widespread impact of infertility. Each session provides impartial help, support and understanding about its carefully chosen relevant topic.

Each webinar will begin with an expert presentation and is followed by an anonymous question and answer session. Prior registration is essential and can be accessed by clicking on the link found in the descriptions below. Please register for each session separately.

Everyone is welcome to all of our webinars, which are hosted by guest speakers from across the UK. Regional variations may apply to information shared.

Please donate if you can to help us continue to run these webinars: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/HelpUsHelpOthers

Upcoming Webinars


Check back for our upcoming Webinars which will be listed here.

Having a happy Christmas

Monday, 13th December at 6:30pm

We know Christmas can be a difficult time for anyone trying to conceive, so come along to our webinar at 6.30 pm on December 13th for some tips on how to enjoy the festive season.

We’ll be joined by fertility counsellor Angela Pericleous-Smith, Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association, and Kelly Da Silva, Patient Support Coordinator at CARE Nottingham, who will share their advice and answer your questions.

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Fertility Education with Professor Joyce Harper, UCL Institute for Women’s Health

Thursday, 4th November at 6:30pm

This webinar will look at what we need to know about our fertility and will also cover what to think about when opting for additional treatments or complementary therapies.)

Watch the recording here

Rhod Gilbert, Toby Trice and Ian Stones fireside chat

Wednesday, 3rd November at 6:30pm

On this webinar Rhod, Toby and Ian talk all HIMFertility

Watch the recording here


Donor Day with Nina Barnsley, Director, Donor Conception Network

Tuesday, 2nd November at 6:30pm

This webinar for our Donor Day will look at treatment using donor eggs, sperm and embryos. Nina Barnsley will discuss what you need to think about if you are considering donor treatment and will give lots of useful tips and advice

 Watch the recording here

Fertility Fairness with Raj Mathur, Chair of the British Fertility Society

Monday, 1st November at 6:30pm

This webinar looks at access to fertility treatment and will cover what NICE recommends, the postcode lottery, eligibility criteria and inequities in the system.

Watch the recording here

Introduction to Mindfulness with Veronica Ellis

Thursday, 28th October at 6:00pm

Watch the recording here


What you need to know about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – Webinar for PCOS Awareness Month

Tuesday, 28th September at 6:00pm

Join us for our PCOS Awareness Month webinar looking at what you need to know about PCOS. The panellists will be Professor Adam Balen from Leeds Fertility, one of the UK’s leading experts in PCOS, and Grace Dugdale, reproductive biologist and nutrition scientist from Balance Fertility. They are the authors of ‘The Fertility Book – Your definitive guide to achieving a healthy pregnancy’

Watch the recording here

Living without children – Webinar for World Childless Week 

Wednesday, 15th September

Author Lesley Pyne, a counsellor from the British Infertility Counselling Association and Debbie Howe, BICA counsellor discuss moving on from treatment and living without children. This webinar is to mark World Childless Week.

Watch the recording here 

The Two Week Wait – What you need to know

Monday, 26th July at 6:30pm

We know this is one of the most difficult times when you’re going through treatment, so join us to talk about the Two Week Wait with Debbie Evans, Director of Nursing & Clinical Services, Herts & Essex Fertility Centre and Ephia Yasmin, consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist at University College London Hospital.

We’ll be discussing how to get through this tricky time and what you should and shouldn’t do. You can email any advance questions to kate@fertilitynetworkuk.org

Watch the recording here 

What you need to know about your consumer rights with the Competition and  Markets Authority (CMA) and the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA)
Do you know your consumer rights when it comes to fertility treatment? We’ll be joined by Louise Strong and Chris Warner from the Competition and Markets Authority and Clare Ettinghausen from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority who will explain what you need to know about your rights when it comes to choosing a fertility clinic and having treatment.

ISCAS – patients can find out if a clinic is covered by ISCAS via an online search tool on the ISCAS website.  Here is the link – Providers we cover – ISCAS (cedr.com)

Patient Guide –  The CMA’s patient guide is available here – Guide for patients on their consumer rights when buying fertility treatment.  The accompanying video is available here – Video

Contacting the CMA – Patients can contact the CMA to share experiences of the types of issues covered in the patient guide via – ConsumerLawIVFTeam@cma.gov.uk

Please note, there were issues on the evening with the video link to the HFEA which caused problems during this webinar but we hope that the messages are still clear.

Add-ons: What you need to ask about additional treatments
Kate Brian from Fertility Network UK will be joined by Clare Ettinghausen, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at the HFEA and Yakoub Khalaf, Head of Fertility Services at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and member of the HFEA Board.

Legal implications for rainbow families

Fertility Network Scotland’s LGBT+ Support Group is joined by Beverley Addison, a Senior Family Solicitor. Disclaimer – This video is referring to the law process in Scotland and as such the terminology used and the court process is Scottish law specific. Recorded April 2021.

Watch the recording here

The microbiome fertility connection & why it’s so important. Brought to you by our partners Nua Fertility
When you are trying to conceive, the last place most of us would think to look is our gut. But the importance of our gut and vaginal microbiome has been proven to play a crucial role in our fertility health. We are delighted to be joined by CEO & Founder of Nua Fertility Deborah Brock, and one of Ireland’s leading fertility doctors, Dr Lyuda Shkrobot.


LBT Women’s Health Week: Starting a family

Watch the recording

https://youtu.be/zkUUxWrvDBAIt’s LBT Women’s Health Week and to mark the event, we’ll be speaking to one of the UK’s leading fertility lawyers Natalie Gamble. Natalie is an expert in same-sex parenting issues and will explain what women need to know when it comes to starting a family, using a donor and accessing care.


Coping with Mother’s Day

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Join Anya Sizer (Fertility Network UK), Sophie Sulehria and Jessica Hepburn for a relaxed, fireside style chat. They will discuss their own experiences and advice for coping with Mother’s Day during and after their different fertility journeys.

Sophie Sulehria is a journalist, fertility patient, and ambassador for @peanut, the social network for mothers, expectant mothers, and women trying to conceive. Jessica Hepburn is an author, the founder of Fertility Fest, and the content creator at The Fertility Show.

Juggling work & fertility struggles. Brought to you by our partners Fertifa

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In this webinar, FNUK’s Anya Sizer and Hema Wara (Chief of Staff & Client Services Director at Fertifa) will be talking about how to balance work and life when you are having problems conceiving.  Anya will share insights into how fertility challenges can impact one’s performance and wellbeing in the workplace.  Hema will share her personal story of how she left her career to focus on starting a family, and how she joined Fertifa who support and empower people in similar circumstances.


Scotland Clinics Update and Fertility Consents

Watch the recording

Representatives from the NHS clinics in Scotland joined us to talk about the new Fertility Consents platform, which is designed to help patients and their partners navigate the medical and legal issues involved with fertility treatment in an easy and convenient way. This is followed by a general Scottish wide Q&A session.

Pregnancy loss during treatment. Brought to you by our partners Reproductive Health Group.
Tuesday 9th Feb
Professor Luciano Nardo is a renowned consultant gynaecologist and subspecialist in reproductive medicine and surgery.
During this webinar he will discuss recommendations for patients who have had single or multiple failed pregnancies during treatment, and if there is anything that could be done differently in subsequent cycles.


How to stay healthy during lockdown. Brought to you by our partners Fertility Family.
Tuesday 2nd Feb
Nutritionist Sarah Trimble will look at turning the negatives of lockdown into positives for our health. This webinar will focus on making comfort food and treats more nutritious, for both female and male reproductive health, plus advice on lifestyle changes to combat lockdown stress. Sarah will also talk about immune-boosting nutrition for those who are not receiving the COVID vaccine whilst TTC.

Update on COVID and fertility treatment from the HFEA and British Fertility Society

Raj Mathur from the British Fertility Society and Rachel Cutting from the HFEA will join Fertility Network UK to discuss the latest situation with the fertility treatment in the UK and to answer questions from patients.

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My donor journey: what I wish I had known

Becky Kearns (Defining Mum), Laura-Rose Thorogood (LGBT Mummies Tribe), Michael Johnson-Ellis (Two Dads UK) and Angela Pericleous-Smith (Chair, BICA) join us to discuss donor journeys from multiple perspectives.


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Making IVF more affordable. Brought to you by our partners abc ivf

Professor Geeta Nargund has been actively working for over two decades with her international colleagues to make IVF accessible globally. As a Director of The Walking Egg Foundation, she is involved in bringing affordable IVF to Africa. She will explain how IVF could be made more affordable and why it is essential to make IVF more affordable.

Recording available soon


2020 Webinar Series

Coping at Christmas

In this webinar, Fertility Network UK talks to Sophie Sulehria & Rebecca Brown about their experiences & advice for dealing with fertility challenges alongside festive holidays.

Sophie Sulehria is a former BBC journalist. She and her husband Jonny shared their struggle with fertility on Radio 4’s PM Programme in a 10 part series, later lengthened into a podcast “The Long Road to Baby” for BBC Sounds. Sophie is now an ambassador for Peanut, an app that connects women from fertility to motherhood. The app introduces you to women nearby and to community, so you can ask questions, get advice and find support.

Rebecca Brown, along with her mum, dad and sister, won the National Lottery in 2016. At the beginning of 2018, Rebecca had some health issues and realised how much she wanted a baby. At the end of 2018, she used part of her winnings to start her IVF journey.

Watch this webinar here


Scotland Fertility Clinics Update – December 2020

All 4 IVF Centres in Scotland take part in the webinar giving the most up to date information on current activity, with a question and answer session.

Watch this webinar here



Egg quality and IVF. Brought to you by our partners Coast Science.

Wednesday 25th November, 6.30pm

This webinar will look at how the quality and quantity of human oocytes (eggs) impacts the reproductive outcomes in IVF, and how this can be improved. Dr Jeve will discuss how the egge reserve declines with time, and how diet, lifestyle and supplements can be taken into consideration.

Dr Yadava Jeve is a Consultant Subspecialist and Deputy Clinical Director at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. He pioneered the concept of p4 fertility care and is Trustee of SEED (Sperm Egg Embryo Donation Trust) and an Executive Committee Member of the British Fertility Society. He is a big fan of personalised fertility treatment plans to optimise success. Mr Jeve has published his research in many scientific journals, presented in conferences and his research was covered by mainstream media including BBC, Sky and Time. His PhD is on the role of oocytes (eggs) to determine the reproductive outcomes.

Watch this webinar here


The patient journey in fertility management. Brought to you by our partners, Guerbet.

Tuesday 20th October, 11am

In this webinar, six speakers from Europe to New Zealand will discuss three topics, followed by a live Q&A.

Embarking on your fertility journey: what are the considerations you should make?”: Dr Edgar Mocanu (Ireland) & Anita Fincham (Fertility Europe)

“Check your tubes: what is the place of HSG in fertility management?”: Prof. Anne Hemingway (UK), Kate Brian (Fertility Network UK)

“Your fertility testing is done, what are the next steps?”: Prof. Neil Johnson (New Zealand) & Freya Maro Flos (Netherlands)

Watch this webinar here


Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of conceiving naturally? Brought to you by our partners, Ferring.

Thursday 1st October, 5pm

Stuart Lavery is a consultant gynaecologist at the Hammersmith Hospital and a senior lecturer at Imperial College in London. He has been an NHS consultant for 18 years, and also works in the private sector in Harley Street. His main research interests are IVF and fertility preservation.

Couples are sometimes overwhelmed with advice from friends and family on how to improve their chances of conception. The internet can often provide conflicting information on even relatively simple issues like optimum frequency of sex.  Information on fertility diets, and fertility supplements are everywhere. Mr Lavery’s webinar is refreshingly free of old-wives’ tales, traditional practice, paternalistic advice and commercial witchcraft.

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IVF and Egg Donation Abroad. Brought to you by our Patient Pledge Clinic, IVF Spain.


Watch this webinar here



Scotland Fertility Clinics Update

Tuesday 25th August, 12:30pm

All 4 IVF Centre’s in Scotland will take part in the webinar giving the most up to date information on current activity and plan moving forward.  Following the update, there will be a question and answer session with pre-submitted questions.

Questions about specific treatment cycles cannot be answered during the webinar, but if you have a generic question, please send this to SharonM@fertilitynetworkscotland.org, no later than Friday 14th, 3pm.

Recording available soon.


Will treatment ‘add-ons’ improve my chances of success? Brought to you by our partners, Ferring.

Thursday 27th August, 5pm

Stuart Lavery is a consultant gynaecologist at the Hammersmith Hospital and a senior lecturer at Imperial College in London. He has been an NHS consultant for 18 years, and also works in the private sector in Harley Street. His main research interests are IVF and fertility preservation.

His webinar will cover the controversial area of ‘IVF add-ons’. This has attracted much commentary in the press and attention from the HFEA regulator. Patients are commonly left confused about whether they should choose therapies that lack a good evidence base, sometimes at significant cost and questionable risk.

Watch this webinar here


The role and benefits of Natural and Mild IVF – is less more? Brought to you by our partner Create Fertility

Friday 21st Aug, 12:30pm

Professor Geeta Nargund is a pioneer in the field of Natural and Mild IVF and Advanced Ultrasound Technology in Reproductive Medicine. Join her for this webinar to find out how Natural and Mild IVF works, the research behind it, and how this female-friendly IVF treatment can deliver better health outcomes for mothers and babies.

This webinar will be available shortly


Nutrition for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, brought to you by our partner Fertility Family, Pharmasure.

Watch this webinar here

Sarah Trimble joins us to chat through nutrition for PCOS. Blood Sugar Balance and Beyond: a look at the central importance of achieving blood glucose balance in the treatment of PCOS and a discussion of emerging research on the potential role of gut health.


The Arts and Fertility No.2

Watch this webinar here

Join us for our third in this mini-series about The Arts and Fertility. Fertility Network’s Anya Sizer will be chatting to the wonderful Gareth Farr.

Gareth is a writer for theatre, whose debut full-length play, Britannia Waves the Rules, won the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting in 2011. It was produced at the Royal Exchange in Manchester before being extended and taken out on tour. It was then revived by the Royal Exchange a year later for a second tour and has since been produced in Sydney, Australia. 

Gareth’s second play, The Quiet House, was produced by Birmingham Rep and transferred to Park Theatre in London in 2016. A short film of The Quiet Hose was later commissioned by the Wellcome Collection and produced in 2019.

Gareth’s new play Shandyland is a hard-hitting family drama about the death of a working-class pub and the community that surrounds it. It will be produced by Northern Stage in 2020 and will tour to Liverpool Everyman, York Theatre Royal and Oldham Coliseum. It was originally developed as part of the prestigious Old Vic 12 scheme before being re-developed by Northern Stage.


Fertility Clinics reopening in Scotland

Watch this webinar here

All 4 IVF Centres in Scotland will take part in the webinar giving an overview of restarting treatment in Scotland.


Previous Webinars

All about MRKH

Watch this Webinar Here

Join us as we chat to Charlotte from MRKHconnect about all things MRKH. This webinar will include the following topics, as well as time for questions:

    • Charlotte’s story
  • Support and why it is important
  • Deciding whether to have a family
    • Surrogacy
    • Adoption
    • Deciding to be childless
  • MRKH Community
    • MRKH Connect – Who we are, what we do


The Arts and Fertility No.2

Watch this webinar here

Join us for our second in this mini-series about The Arts and Fertility. Fertility Network’s Anya Sizer will be chatting to the wonderful Jack Thorne. Jack lives in London with his wife, Rachel, and their son Elliot, 3, whom they finally had after seven rounds of IVF.

Their fertility struggles inspired his play The Solid Life of Sugar Water at the National Theatre in 2016.

Jack Thorne is a writer of film, television and theatre. In film, his credits include Wonder, The Aeronauts, Radioactive and The Secret Garden. His television work includes National Treasure, Kiri, Don’t Take My Baby, The Virtues, His Dark Materials and The Eddy. For theatre, his plays include Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, When You Cure Me, Hope, A Christmas Carol and the end of history… Jack is a patron of Graeae Theatre Company and an associate artist of the Old Vic Theatre. 


The benefits of HSGs

Watch this webinar here

Join us for a lunchtime webinar as we chat to Professor Anne Hemingway, who will be dispelling the myths and explaining the benefits of this common procedure.

Anne qualified in 1975 from Guys Hospital Medical School, London University and entered radiology training in1979 at the Hammersmith Hospital & Royal Postgraduate Medical School (RPMS).

Qualification as a radiologist in 1982 was followed in 1984 by promotion to Consultant/ Senior Lecturer specialising in vascular and interventional radiology at the Hammersmith/RPMS.

In 1987 AH was appointed as the first female professor of radiology in the UK at Sheffield University establishing a thriving academic department specialising in MRI.

Following marriage and children, in 1992 AH returned to London and Hammersmith Radiology occupying posts as Deputy Clinical Director, Head of Training and Chair of the Trust Ionising Radiation Safety Committee.

In 1996, following internal restructuring, AH developed an interest in infertility imaging and since then has personally undertaken and supervised in excess of 12,000 hysterosalpingograms (HSGs), AH also undertakes selective salpingography and tubal recanalization.

AH has published over 80 peer reviewed articles, 30 book chapters and delivered numerous lectures locally, nationally and internationally.

Areas of specific interest within HSG practice include the patient experience, HSG technique, Asherman’s syndrome, female genital tuberculosis, and choice of contrast medium.


The Arts and Fertility

Watch this webinar here.

We’re super excited to bring you the first in our mini-series about Fertility and The Arts, and who better to kick this off that the queen of this very topic, the wonderful Jessica Hepburn. Our lovely Anya Sizer will be interviewing Jessica about her books, FertilityFest and her adventures. 

Jessica went through 11 rounds of IVF, one of the only women to swim the channel and was due to be be climbing Everest pre covid! She’s the co-founder of the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility, the science of making babies and modern families.

She has Won several awards:  she was nominated as Amnesty International’s ‘Women of Suffragette Spirit’, voted ‘Woman of The Week’ in Stylist magazine; and won the Fertility Foundation’s inaugural ‘Fertility Hero’ Award for her role as a fertility advocate.


The Fundamentals of Nutrition for Fertility

Watch this webinar here

Sarah Trimble joins us to go through The Fundamentals of Nutrition for Fertility: discover which nutrients are key to optimise your reproductive health, what foods you should be eating and what supplements are really necessary.

Sarah is a nutritional therapist dedicated to the practice of evidence-based and common sense nutrition. She believes in the power of traditional eating patterns over fad diets.


Fertility Clinics Reopening Safely
Join us for our upcoming lunchtime webinar, as we chat to the HFEA, the Government regulator responsible for making sure fertility clinics and research centres comply with the law.
As you probably know, as of the May 11th, clinics are able to apply to reopen but will be asked to meet criteria which prioritise the safety of both patients and clinic staff.
We’ll be joined by Rachel Cutting, Director of Compliance and Information, who has been designing the application and review process that clinics will need to go through to be able to reopen and reinstate treatment.
Rachel has kindly agreed to answer your questions, and while we may not be able to take all of your questions at this time, we will do our best, and prioritise those which are most relevant to the information that is currently available.


‘Mild and Natural IVF, Low Ovarian Reserve and Optimising Fertility’ with Geeta Nargund.

Watch this webinar here.

Geeta Nargund is the Founder and Medical Director of CREATE Fertility and ABC IVF. She is also the Lead Consultant for Reproductive Medicine at St George’s Hospital NHS Trust in London. She has published extensively in the field of Natural and Mild IVF and the role of advanced ultrasound technology in reproductive medicine.

She is the President of the International Scientific Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR). She is the Founder and Chief Executive of Create Health Foundation, a UK charity devoted to promoting women’s reproductive health.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Natural and Mild IVF – The science behind” No or Low drug approaches in IVF” and Who can benefit from these treatments – Main presentation
  • How to optimise your natural fertility
  • Treatment options for women with low egg reserve
  • Support and reassurance during COVID-19 crisis


‘Reproflexology: Facilitating Fertility Calmness’ by Amy Simpson Tuesday 11th February at 8pm

Watch this webinar here

As an occupational therapist and reproductive reflexologist, Amy Simpson works to help women and couples achieve calmness and good health when trying to conceive. In this webinar expect to hear how reproflexology aims to balance minds and bodies to support fertility calmness. Amy will share the daily tools and techniques she offers to navigate the rollercoaster of difficult emotions that often arise when facing a fertility journey.

Amy believes that good reproductive health is about how we move, what we eat, how we rest and how we talk to ourselves. Join us to find out more about this holistic approach.

‘Social Infertility – The Road to Solo Motherhood’ by Mel Johnson Wednesday 29th January at 7pm

Watch this webinar here

Mel Johnson, 41, is a Social Infertility Coach and founder of The Stork and I, who following her own journey to solo motherhood, coaches single women who are exploring whether this is the right path for them. Mel has a 2 year old daughter using IVF and donor sperm and uses her own experiences coupled with her coaching training to support others.

In this webinar you can learn more about the concept of social infertility and the current trends around this phenomenon. As Mel likes to offer her insights to enable others to select their own path, we will first hear about the 5 options to be considered when faced with social infertility. This will lead into Mel’s comprehensive 6 steps to solo motherhood (using donor conception) for those who wish to follow this route.