Your Future Fertility is an education project, both running in Scotland and in Wales, which provides fertility information and education.


Your Future Fertility is an education project across Scotland which is funded by the Scottish government to provide fertility information and education in Scotland. 

The aims of the project are:

  • to provide fertility information and education in universities, to GPs and in the workplace to ensure that people are better informed on all aspects of fertility issues, including how to take care of their fertility, and how and when it declines
  • to raise awareness among young people at university of fertility issues, and to educate them about the issues that can impact fertility, such as sexually transmitted diseases – and lifestyle choices
  • to reduce the incidence of fertility problems through improved outcomes in terms of sexual health and lifestyle
  • to alleviate the effect on those already affected by this illness through information, self-help and support by providing information events throughout Scotland

Read more about our highly successful work in Scotland and contact our Scotland Branch co-ordinator for more details of our project. have published an educational guide about pregnancy, substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Click here to view it.



Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, Your Future Fertility is an education project run by Fertility Network UK Cymru which is working to improve knowledge of fertility and reproductive health right across Wales, from education to the workplace and beyond. 

As a charity, we hear far too often: ‘I wish I had known that sooner’ or ‘why did no one tell me that before?’. Because of this, we have been providing evidence-based information to young adults so that they are educated on all aspects of their fertility, and better able to make informed choices going forward. 

We have been working with university and college students across Wales to help students understand how to take care of their own fertility, the factors that may impact their ability to conceive in the future and when and how to seek help. 

Your Future Fertility has been working with medical students, trainee GPs, and other future healthcare professionals from Hywel Dda, Cardiff & the Vale, and Betsi Cadwallader University Health Boards to stress the significant emotional impact of infertility. With an improved understanding, we hope future patients suffering with infertility may feel better informed, more supported and less isolated when undergoing investigations and treatment.  We are particularly excited to be working with Aberystwyth University on their health care degrees. 

We have also been working with practicing clinicians to highlight the experiences of fertility patients across Wales, as well as working closely with several police forces, public authorities, and charities, where we have been talking to employees, human resources teams and line managers about fertility in the workplace.

Contact our Wales team for more details of our project.