Legitimate interests

Under the new data protection law starting in May 2018 we have a number of lawful reasons that we can use (or process) your personal information. One of the lawful reasons is called legitimate interests.

Broadly speaking Legitimate Interests means that we can process your personal information if:

  • We have a genuine and legitimate reason and we are not harming any of your rights and interests

So, what does this mean? When you provide your personal details to us we use your information to support, update, provide information and inform you of events across the UK. Before doing this, though, we will also carefully consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights.

Some typical examples of when we might use the approach are for preventing fraud, direct marketing, maintaining the security of our system, data analytics, enhancing, modifying or improving our services, identifying usage trends and determining the effectiveness of our campaigns and fundraising.


Our Objectives

  • To relieve the suffering from fertility problems through the provision of free and impartial help, support, advice, understanding and information;
  • To support the provision of an equitable system of publicly-funded fertility treatment throughout the UK for all sufferers of infertility, sub-fertility and secondary infertility;
  • To support the needs of persons suffering from fertility problems through the provision of a comprehensive practical and emotional support network, including a network of local support groups, a Support Line and Info Line, a website and a regular e-magazine;
  • To advance public education about all aspects of fertility and infertility;
  • To raise the profile of issues concerning fertility and infertility in the media and in general, in an informed, responsible manner; and
  • To encourage and assist further research in its broadest sense into fertility problems and their various effects.


Our interests

The following are some examples of when and why we would use this approach in our work

  • Direct Marketing: We will send marketing and fundraising packs which further the aims and objectives of Fertility Network. We will always ensure our marketing is relevant for you, tailored to your interests.
  • Ordering online: In order for us to process an order, payment has to be taken and contact information collected, such as name, delivery address and telephone number. The seller would also need to record the transaction.
  • Attending an event: In order for us to process information of attendees for an event, contact information, such as name, address, telephone number would be recorded.
  • Your best interest: Processing your information to protect you against fraud when transacting on our website, and to ensure our websites and systems are secure.
  • Personalisation: Where the processing enables us to enhance, modify, personalise or otherwise improve our services/communications for the benefit of our supporters.
  • Analytics: To process your personal information for the purposes of user analysis, assessment, to help us with our activities and to provide you with the most relevant information as long as this does not harm any of your rights and interests.
  • Research: To determine the effectiveness of campaigns and to develop services, systems and relationships with you.
  • Due Diligence: We may need to conduct investigations on supporters, potential customers and business partners to determine if those companies and individuals have been involved or convicted of offences such as fraud, bribery and corruption.

We will also hold information about you so that we can respect your preferences for being contacted by us.

Remember, you can change the way you hear from us or withdraw your permission for us to process your personal details at any time by using our contact form on the contact page http://fnuk.wpengine.com/contact/


Your interests

When we process your personal information for our legitimate interests, we will consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights under data protection and any other relevant law. Our legitimate business interests do not automatically override your interests – we will not use your personal data for activities where our interests are overridden by the impact on you (unless we have your consent or are otherwise required or permitted to by law).

For more information about your rights, please see Your Rights in our Privacy policy.