Can you help with some important research about Trauma in Infertility?

This survey is open to those who have been diagnosed with infertility, are undergoing, or have had treatment within the last 5 years across the UK and Ireland and we want you to have your say.

If you feel this is relevant to you, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. By knowing more about each individual’s journey, and appreciating the experiences of those suffering from infertility, it helps us be better informed and our understanding of the difficulties experienced by individuals.

We appreciate that some people may have suffered trauma or received treatment more than 5 years ago and we hope that you do not feel excluded by this survey. We are seeking to establish an initial picture of the current situation and do hope to revisit this topic in more detail in further stages of this important project.

The answers are completely anonymous and we hope that they are not too triggering for you but an opportunity to talk about your experiences. If you should feel that you would like to receive emotional support connected with any aspects of your fertility journey, please call our Support line Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm or access support via our Online Support Groups.

The survey has been created through a collaboration between Fertility Network UK, Queen’s University Belfast, Cardiff University and the British Fertility Counselling Association (BICA) . We hope to help increase awareness of the experience of patients and the extent of trauma suffered during a fertility journey and treatment. This will also help to inform health professionals in the  recognition of trauma in patients and how being trauma informed might help to avoid this.

This survey is now closed.