If you've ever fancied pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking up a challenge event - why not do one for Fertility Network UK?

We appreciate every penny donated towards our cause, and every social post shared to raise awareness for the 3.5 million people in the UK facing fertility challenges. By taking up a fundraising challenge, not only do you help support our community, but you remind them that they are not alone.

If you are interested in doing an challenge event please get in touch with our team on fundraising@fertilitynetworkuk.org

If you have already booked on to a challenge event please tell us about it here.

Tough Mudder

10 men, 10km, £10,000

Fertility Network UK and testhim have joined forces to address the huge issue around male fertility awareness and support and take part in Tough Mudder, the world’s best obstacle course!

We’ve got 10 men competing on the 10km course to raise £10,000 

Fertility affects approximately 1 in 6 couples worldwide.

A lot of focus and support is aimed at women however it is just as likely to be a male factor causing issues as it is a female factor. 7% of all men worldwide will be affected by fertility (that’s around 60 million men) making it just as common as diabetes.  

Unfortunately though, male fertility awareness, support and testing is seriously lacking. 

For too long men have been the neglected part of the fertility equation and it’s not helping them or their partners. 

Lack of support and testing for men means many are marginalised throughout fertility treatment leading to serious mental health problems and sometimes unnecessary fertility treatment. 

We are using this campaign to raise awareness of male fertility so that we can break the huge stigma surrounding male fertility.