Introducing Diane, our trained nurse who has a wealth of experience and can help not only with minor medical questions but provide you with advice and support based on her years of experience.

”Coping with the menopause?”, “What can I expect after a hysterectomy?” Or are you still finding it difficult to cope with new babies: “Why can’t I feel ‘normal’?”, “Why won’t others realise that we don’t want to adopt?”

These are just a small sample of questions which are regularly asked. Having many years of nursing experience and being with the charity for over twenty years, a call to Diane in complete confidence could be the support or answer you are looking for.

We are not here to diagnose, but however simple or complicated your question, Diane will try to answer you and support you through your queries and worries. Remember, no question is too trivial to ask – if it is bothering you, then ask away – this could be just the service you are looking for. And there’s no charge for this support!

Even if you just want to talk, why not give Diane a call on our Support Line 0121 323 5025 between 10am-4pm on Mon, Wed and Fri, or email her at