Our free online community is a place where you can find peer to peer support from others who are facing the challenges of childlessness.


At Fertility Network we want to make sure that you find the right community for your current needs. Please choose carefully from the choices below to maintain a safe space for all.

If still trying to conceive, please join our other dedicated HealthUnlocked community.

Meet ups

When living without children, wider social interactions often bring intrusive questions or unwelcome insensitive comments. It is therefore small wonder that many choose to withdraw from their known social network and patterns. More to Life recognises this and aims to offer support to find meaning in life beyond children and regain social confidence.

Our social Meet Ups offer an alternative experience that can be enjoyed with others who fully understand the daily challenges and feelings of loss and sadness brought about by involuntary childlessness.

These local groups are run by trained volunteers and currently exist in the following areas: Belfast, Glasgow, Kent, London/Hertfordshire and Sheffield.

We also have volunteers waiting to start groups in York, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Mid Wales.

To join a group or start one in your local area please contact hannah@fertilitynetworkuk.org for further information.


Online community

If you would rather not talk over the phone or face-to-face, our online community may provide the support you need. On HealthUnlocked you can share your thoughts and get support from others who are facing similar situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a closed Facebook support group for our More To Life community across the UK, for more information and to joying the groups:

For England and Wales click here.

For Scotland click here.

In Northern Ireland there is a group where members have a WhatsApp group, virtual meet-ups and hopefully soon a ‘Walk and chat’ meet-up at the beach.  For information about the More to Life support group in Northern Ireland contact hilary@fertilitynetworkuk.org or rachel@fertilitynetworkuk.org