I am a practicing barrister specialising in criminal and immigration law, and a part-time member of the Parole Board. As someone who has been through fertility treatment over a number of years, I am aware of how isolating a situation it can be, and how much stigma there is in some areas about raising fertility issues.

This was doubly isolating by a feeling that the support services were all aimed at women and there was very little for men (who will obviously form about half of the people effected by fertility issues) that was being produced, so I am pleased to see that this is an area that will be worked on.

It was a great honour to join the Board of Trustees in the Autumn of 2017. In addition to my legal background, I hope to bring a wider understanding of the financial and strategic planning challenges that all charities face. And of course, I will bring my own experience of fertility issues and the struggles that so many people, one in six of the UK population, now face. The work that Fertility Network UK does to support and inform both individuals and the wider community is fantastic, and it is great to be a part of it.