WARRIOR – Battling infertility, staying sane while trying to conceive

Let’s talk fertility. Fertility problems affect 1 in 8 couples and yet it’s not talked about very often. Tori Day has self-published her book based on her fertility journal while struggling to conceive.

15 March 2019, West Yorkshire, UK

Tori Day spent two and a half years of her life trying to get pregnant. After the months passed by, what started as hopefulness and excitement slowly morphed into frustration, fear, and eventually, obsession.

A keen writer and avid journal keeper throughout her teenage years, when she started struggling to conceive, she found herself once again reaching for the notebook, her pen scribbling all her angst, hope and fear onto the pages. After having her daughter in 2016, she felt compelled to share her story and almost three years later, her second baby was born; her book, WARRIOR.

Author biography
Tori lives with her husband and two children (one big, one little). When not working in Government communications, she enjoys being mummy, reading, writing and (trying) to stay fit.

She has self-published her book WARRIOR after a roller coaster journey to conceive. It’s based on her personal diary. She believes many people suffer in silence when experiencing fertility issues, resulting in feeling lonely and isolated. She hopes that by speaking openly and honestly about what she went through, she might encourage others to do the same and help them feel a little less alone.

Book information

An honest and heartfelt account of Tori’s journey to motherhood.

If you’ve ever had to leave the room when someone announces their pregnancy, felt like weeing on sticks is your only hobby or felt like you’re losing your mind, then Tori Day’s book, WARRIOR is for you.

Tori takes us with her on her roller coaster journey to conceive. She documents the highs and lows with complete candour, striking self awareness and a sense of humour. Hope prevails throughout the monthly disappointments, the medical appointments, the setbacks and the waiting. Oh, the waiting. Full of tears, laughter and told with love.

10% of proceeds to Fertility Network UK

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