2020 Webinar Series

This series is aimed at those “Trying to Conceive” but finding that it is not as easy as they had hoped.

Our webinars offers free digital access to the expert opinion and advice, from our excellent guest speakers, about the many issues that have to be tackled when coping with the widespread impact of infertility. Each session provides impartial help, support and understanding about its carefully chosen relevant topic.

Each webinar will begin with an expert presentation and is followed by an anonymous question and answer session. Prior registration is essential and can be accessed by clicking on the link found in the descriptions below. Please register for each session separately.

Everyone is welcome to all of our webinars, which are hosted by guest speakers from across the UK. Regional variations may apply to information shared.

Upcoming Webinars

‘Social Infertility – The Road to Solo Motherhood’ by Mel Johnson Wednesday 29th January at 7pm

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Mel Johnson, 41, is a Social Infertility Coach and founder of The Stork and I, who following her own journey to solo motherhood, coaches single women who are exploring whether this is the right path for them. Mel has a 2 year old daughter using IVF and donor sperm and uses her own experiences coupled with her coaching training to support others.

In this webinar you can learn more about the concept of social infertility and the current trends around this phenomenon. As Mel likes to offer her insights to enable others to select their own path, we will first hear about the 5 options to be considered when faced with social infertility. This will lead into Mel’s comprehensive 6 steps to solo motherhood (using donor conception) for those who wish to follow this route.


Previous Webinars

‘Enjoying Christmas Whilst TTC’ by Sarah Banks – Wednesday 11th December at 8:00 pm

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Are you dreading Christmas and the festivities? When trying to conceive family get-togethers and work parties can seem daunting and bring an overwhelming sense of being misunderstood and alone. Facing the fact that another year/Christmas deadline has passed in your fertility journey often heightens any disappointment and grief that may be felt.

Sarah Banks is a fertility coach who understands all too well the struggles that infertility can present and is keen to suggest ways to avoid additional pressures and unnecessary stress at this time of year. Her understanding stems from the 6-year struggle she endured before finally conceiving through assisted conception. Sarah is going to talk us through ways that can help us not only survive this time but actively seek to redefine and enjoy our Christmas experience.


Menopause Matters – It’s Good to Know by Dr Heather Currie

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Fertility Network understands the need for hard facts about every stage of fertility, including the inevitable menopause.

In this webinar Heather Currie, Gynaecologist at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, will give us the bare facts. She will explain why the menopause occurs and discuss the nature and range of symptoms. We will explore the fact that some may endure unwelcome debilitating symptoms, such as hot flushes and insomnia, whilst others experience little discomfort.

Dr Currie will also hope to demystify any confusion over the publicised side effects of treatments versus their positive impact on everyday life for sufferers. Dr Currie is the founder and MD of Menopause Matters,

Trustee and past chair of the British Menopause Society and author of the award winning book ‘Menopause, answers at your fingertips’ and many papers and reviews in this specialist field.


‘Let’s talk about Sperm’ by Professor Sheena Lewis

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All genders should join us to hear the latest research about sperm. In this webinar Professor Sheena Lewis will share everything there is to know about male factor infertility. We will hear about causes and treatments, the role of sperm in miscarriage and the bare truth about how men can improve their sperm count. This webinar offers the chance to submit confidential questions to an unquestionable expert in this field, who has published over 100 full papers, book chapters and numerous reviews on this subject and believes firmly that men should be treated as individuals in their fertility journey, not just as ‘Add-Ons’ to their partners.

Professor Sheena Lewis’ research has been focused on male infertility and in particular sperm DNA damage testing where her goal has been to identify causes and treatments by developing novel biomarkers. Professor Lewis is Chair of the British Andrology Society, national representative for UK and past chair of the Andrology special interest group of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, past member of the executive committee of the British Fertility Society and a founder member and past Vice Chair of the Irish Fertility Society). Her research has led to the formation of a University spin out company; Examen Ltd marketing male fertility tests.


Supporting Fertility Journeys Through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine by Ian Stones 

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Within this webinar Ian will guide you through the philosophy of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and how it can support couples on a fertility journey. He will cover what to expect when going for treatment, the benefits of treatment as well as the importance of acupuncture to support male fertility. Ian will suggest positive actions that can be taken to live a more balanced and healthy life.

Ian graduated from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading in 2007. With over 12 years’ in clinical practice and with extensive additional training from the Zita West fertility clinic he is a leading fertility acupuncturist. Ian is passionate about supporting couples throughout their fertility journey with his approach of support, education and empowerment to ensure women and men are doing everything possible to optimise their health and fertility.


Why Me? by Anne Chien 

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Many people who are experiencing fertility problems ask themselves ‘Why Me?’. In this webinar Anne will use her insights to shed light on the normal responses and reactions that fertility issues can create. She will explain how counselling can help to explore the uncomfortable feelings and emotional rollercoaster that many experience whilst on a difficult fertility journey. Anne is a Specialist Infertility Counsellor presently working in the Assisted Conception Unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and in the Dundee Fertility Associates Clinic. She was a member of the BICA Executive committee for 6 years and was the Chair of BICA from 2016 – 2018.


Yoga and Fertility – A Beginner’s Guide by Annie Perry – Wednesday 24th July at 8pm. 

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Annie Perry is passionate about women’s health and well-being. As a Yogabellies teacher, she works with women at all stages of life at her studio, The Luna Centre, near Glasgow. In recent years, through her own somewhat tumultuous fertility journey she developed a special interest in fertility, and specifically how yoga and holistic therapies can impact on those trying to conceive and/or struggling to conceive. She undertook training to specialise in fertility yoga and now works with women throughout their fertility journey.

The webinar will take a look at scientific studies that examine the link between yoga and fertility. It will explore the benefits of yoga for fertility as well as delving into some specific yoga postures and meditations that can be used. The session will end with a short meditation/relaxation session so prepare to get cosy and comfy!

Considering Donor Conception by Nina Barnsley

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Nina Barnsley is Director of the Donor Conception Network, a charity founded 25 years ago to help break the isolation felt by so many people using donor assisted conception methods. Her work supports all donor conception families whether they are having (or have had) treatment in the UK or abroad and whatever kind of donor(s) they are using.  As the Director she fully understands the worries and concerns that arise when donor conception is considered as a means to build a family.

This webinar is very much an introduction to the implications of donor conception when creating or expanding a family. Nina will share her knowledge about the often complex decisions and emotional considerations that have to be made when choosing options. The Donor Conception Network supports a diverse community of needs so this webinar will be of interest to many: single women and men and heterosexual and same sex couples. Our usual Q&A session will follow her presentation.

Please bear in mind that this webinar features poor internet connection at times.

Using Nutritional Therapy To Help Optimise Fertility by Victoria Smith 

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Victoria is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach with a specialist interest in fertility. She works with women and couples to educate and empower them to take control of their hormonal health and fertility journey by making the right nutrition and lifestyle choices.

We hear a lot about the positive impact acupuncture can have on fertility, but what about the positive impact of nutrition on our ability to conceive? Many of us don’t truly understand the fundamental power of good nutrition and lifestyle choices to help boost our chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy, instead feeling that eating our ‘5 a day’ is simply enough. However, the body is a highly complex unique machine that needs the right nutrients from food to help it perform to its optimal ability. In this webinar, Victoria will look at common female health imbalances that can negatively impact on fertility (e.g. obesity, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, digestive disorders) and explore how Nutritional Therapy looks deeper for the root causes of common fertility issues and gives guidance on nutrition and lifestyle choices to address these.

Putting Self-care on the Agenda by Anya Sizer 

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Anya Sizer is Fertility Network’s London Coordinator. She brings her wealth of personal knowledge and experience from the field of infertility to our community with realism and honesty.

Trying to conceive can create stress and make everyday life very difficult to navigate. Join us to hear Anya explore the importance of self-care, which can be easily neglected, whilst coping with the challenges presented by fertility issues. She will share essential strategies that should maintain balance and survival during the ups and downs of an infertility journey.


Help Boost Your Fertility Naturally by Victoria Smith 

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Victoria is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach with a specialist interest in fertility. She works with women and couples to educate and empower them to take control of their hormonal health and fertility journey by making the right nutrition and lifestyle choices.Going through her own fertility struggles, and attempts to improve her own chance of pregnancy success, inspired her to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist. She undertook 3 years of intense study at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), in order to help others navigate their fertility journey and boost their chances of a successful pregnancy.

In this webinar Victoria wants to emphasise how small changes to your diet and lifestyle can, overtime, have a huge impact on your overall health and ultimately your fertility journey. She will discuss how preparation for pregnancy, whether naturally or assisted, is key and share her ‘5 Tips for Success’ and give you practical take home strategies to help you get started straight away.


Going to the Clinic – What Happens Next? by Isabel Traynor 

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Going to the clinic for treatment can be a worrying prospect for new patients. In this webinar Isabel will talk you through the steps taken when starting out on a treatment journey. She will comprehensively explain the jargon around the different tests that may be performed for both ladies and men and possible outcomes. This will be followed with a short anonymous Q&A session in which Isabel will answer any questions to allay any worries or concerns expressed.

Everyone is welcome to attend this useful and informative webinar. Please note that the NHS treatment eligibility criteria included currently apply in Scotland. Patients living in other areas should check with their local NHS for further information.

Isabel is the Lead Nurse for Gynaecology and Assisted Conception Service for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. She graduated from Caledonian University in1992 with BA Honors in Health & Nursing Studies and had an extensive career in gynaecology at Western Infirmary, Glasgow before taking up the post as Senior Charge Nurse in the Assisted Conception Unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in October 2002.

She represents Greater Glasgow & Clyde on the Scottish Government National Infertility Review Group and has represented the Nursing Profession on advisory groups for the Human Fertilization and Embryology authority. She was the nurse representative on the British Fertility Society (BFS) training committee and also the Executive committee, influencing national policy and developing education within fertility between 2016 and 2018. She is also the past chairperson of the Senior Infertility Nurses Group.