Our Ambassadors raise the profile of the charity, whilst also working to raise awareness for those facing fertility challenges.

We’d love to thank our amazing Ambassadors for the incredible work and support they give the charity.


Andrea and Lee Byrne
ITV Presenter and Former Wales Rugby International Having experienced our own fertility journey, we know how important it is not to feel isolated. We want to try to get more couples talking about the problems they are facing and break down the infertility taboo. We are particularly interested in addressing the mental health problems that come alongside fertility issues. We want to raise awareness and help other couples through Fertility Network UK.
Andrew Baines-Vosper
Hi, I’m Andy, I’m 39 and I work for the Samaritans both as a listening volunteer and Training Delivery Manager and am a keen obstacle course runner. Using my own experiences with poor mental health, I am extremely passionate about raising awareness and ensuring nobody feels alone no matter what they are going through. Having been through my own journey with infertility, I remember the emotional trauma that it caused. From anger, loneliness and sadness to guilt and shame. The worst of those emotions was feeling worthless and helpless. As an ambassador for the amazing Fertility Network UK it’s my mission to ensure that nobody feels alone, worthless or helpless and that they know Fertility Network UK is there to support them throughout their fertility journey.
Emma Willing
I am a qualified family solicitor and have advised clients for over 10 years. My work as a family lawyer principally involves issues following relationship breakdown and children disputes. I am increasingly advising in respect to surrogacy laws (including international surrogacy) and alternative parenting arrangements, including issues for LGBT+ parents. I have experienced first-hand from friends, family members and colleagues the significant impact of fertility issues on people's personal and work lives. As a family lawyer, I have also witnessed the strain that fertility issues place on people’s relationships. As an Ambassador, I am keen to assist with the Fertility in the Workplace initiative. As a trained family lawyer, I also hope to be able to assist Fertility Network UK in its education initiatives, including in respect to the laws surrounding surrogacy and alternative parenting arrangements. I feel privileged to be taking on this role in supporting Fertility Network UK in the hugely worthwhile work it undertakes.
Ian Stones
I’ve been volunteering with Fertility Network UK to help run the UK’s first online male fertility support group, now part of the HIMfertility campaign, and it’s been a huge privilege to be part of this. My passion is helping men get the information and support they need so that they feel an equal part of the fertility journey and less isolated, as I’ve seen the effects this can have on them. For years I have worked with couples who are struggling to conceive and what I’ve noticed is how the male element of fertility treatment and investigations is so overlooked.
Jodie Nicholson
My reasons for wanting to become an Ambassador are simple; Fertility Network UK saved my life, when I saw no hope or light your support helped guide me through, I just wish I’d have known about the support sooner. I would hate to think that men and women are struggling with fertility without knowing of this incredible lifeline. I want to do everything in my power to ensure people know about Fertility Network UK, through awareness and education we can support people through one of the hardest battles they’ll ever face and offer them kindness and solace in showing them they’re not alone. I’m desperate to be a part of that.
Jenn and Ciaran Hannington
We embarked on our fertility journey after knowing we would need support to conceive due to female factor fertility problems. What we didn't know was that male factor problems also played a part, which came as a shock. During our 10 year fertility journey, we found many avenues of support for women regarding fertility, but specific support groups for men were really lacking. Finding out how isolating and difficult a fertility journey can be without appropriate support led us both to become really passionate in speaking out and doing everything we can to help remove the taboo of infertility, particularly male infertility. This has included newspaper interviews, TV appearances, webinars and even Ciaran going on a sponsored trek to Everest basecamp with some other members of the HIMfertility group. When asked if we would become ambassadors for Fertility Network, we both immediately said yes, knowing this will allow us to continue to raise awareness of fertility issues and to hopefully prevent others feeling isolated or unsupported on their own fertility journey.
Jonathan Luwagga
Becoming an Ambassador for the Fertility Network is a privilege and one that I will take very seriously. My passion is helping men get the vital information and support they need as they navigate through the difficult infertility journey. I have first-hand experiences on how challenging the journey can be, but also how rewarding then end goal can be. I feel that it is my direct responsibility to raise awareness around male infertility. I shall work tirelessly to strengthen, engage, and inspire individuals who are or going through the same journey as myself.
Toby Trice
I’m Toby, from Kent. A racing driver who is on a campaign to raise awareness for fertility and help the lives of others by offering support and someone to talk to. My goal is to raise awareness and be there for anyone who has been affected by fertility issues. Using motorsport as my vehicle to break the ice and start conversations with people across the country. Offering support in the paddock, trade shows and events. But by making more people aware of the fantastic work that Fertility Network UK offer and the fact that we are not alone, I hope that this can help other couples out there deal with their situation in a more positive way.