Webinar – Your IVF Journey & Genetic Testing with Cooper Surgical

16 Nov 2022

We invite you to join a panel of experts on the 16th of November at 7pm for a live discussion on embryo genetic testing and your IVF journey. Joined by geneticist Tony Gordon, nurse specialist Karen Doye and embryologist Stacy Macpherson, who will be answering all your questions on genetic testing and your IVF journey.

Common questions that the expert panel will be addressing:

  • What percentage of my eggs should be mature?
  • How do you check for embryo abnormalities?
  • Why do some eggs not fertilise?
  • Can you look for more than one genetic condition?
  • How long do the results take?
  • Does my embryo get damaged during the biopsy process?

This is your chance to ask the questions and get the answers, register here