Wellbeing In The Workplace – Yoga, Afternoon Reset: Fertility Week webinar

3 Nov 2023

Wellbeing In The Workplace – Yoga, Afternoon Reset

Friday 3rd November, 2pm

Most office work involves long hours of sitting. And with the increase of “working from home” this means, for many, moving directly from bed to chair, with no physical activity in between- not even a walk to the train or bus station.

Driving to work increases the amount of daytime sitting.

Added to this the very widespread use of media devices for work, such as tablets & laptops, also impacts posture whilst seating, most commonly, the development of “forward head” position.

Other impacts of this working lifestyle often show up as low back pain, stiff hips, upper back and neck pain, headaches and eyestrain.

Lengthy periods of sitting in the same position for several hours for several days in a row, can even lead to less-than-optimal organ & other bodily functions, including the endocrine system.

Added to this, working targets to meet, staff shortages, long hours can create a lot of mental and emotional stresses- high blood pressure and much more.

Forgetting to hydrate, working through or skipping lunch breaks and infrequent loo breaks also take their toll.

This Yoga Afternoon Reset will seek to introduce some simple ways of moving the body and calming fraught minds that, if regularly woven into a working day, can improve physical and mental vitality, alleviate aches and pains, and improve breathing.

We move out of the default positions, get out of the head and into the body. Start to recognise that it is not a machine and listen to how it is communicating with us and is best not ignored!

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We are supported by the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Fund, part of a partnership programme between Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England, and UK Health Security Agency, to support the government’s strategy aimed at improving Women’s Health and supporting them to remain in the workplace.