Reproductive Health in the Workplace; Wellbeing at Work, East Sussex 

25 Apr 2024

Thursday 25th April, 12.30pm

Hosted by Wellbeing at Work East Sussex 

Fertility issues affect 1 in 6 people, all of whom are of working age, and yet this subject is often not talked about or recognised in the workplace.

Infertility is a recognised medical condition by the World Health Organisation and yet research shows that many employees are reluctant to tell their managers that they are undergoing fertility tests, investigations, or treatments for fear of discrimination in the workplace.

With the right information, signposting and support, employers can be better equipped to know how to support their staff in navigating this condition to avoid lost working days as a result of stress, anxiety or employees taking sick leave, where they do not feel comfortable being honest about the reason they need time off.

By learning about and recognising the impact on physical, mental and financial health that fertility issues can cause, alongside having to navigate workplace commitments, employers are better informed to work with employees to plan leave, wellbeing requirements, and workplace logistics more effectively. This in turn supports not only their employees, who are directly affected, but also their colleagues and the organisation as a whole.

Fertility Network UK is the UKs leading fertility charity, providing free and impartial support and information to anyone affected by fertility issues. Their Fertility in the Workplace (FiTW) initiative provides support packages to employers to become better educated on what the impact is of this condition on those affected and how this relates to their working life.

Their packages include education, wellbeing programmes, peer to peer mentoring groups, 1:1 support for employees, access to online resources and information and policy guidance. With private members bills being passed through parliament on this very topic, alongside a newly formed fertility APPG, the workplace fertility working group aims to see legislative changes made to ensure anti-discrimination laws are extended to those who are struggling with fertility issues.

Currently FiTW can offer free support packages to SMEs, thanks to funding from the Department of Health, so we would encourage all organisations to take up this offer while it’s available, and for all organisations to learn more about fertility, how it can impact on your workplace, why it matters and how you can help.

Join Claire Heuclin, Fertility in the Workplace Coordinator, for this Q&A session to cover:

  • An overview of fertility issues
  • What fertility treatments involve
  • How this condition can impact on employees and the workplace
  • What easy steps you can take to support your staff.

Fertility in the Workplace are supported by the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Fund, part of a partnership programme between Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England, and UK Health Security Agency, to support the government’s strategy aimed at improving Women’s Health and supporting them to remain in the workplace.

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For more information about workplace support visit our FiTW pages here or email