For those facing the challenges of childlessness

If you are childless by circumstance, we can help. Involuntary childlessness is challenging but it is still possible to have a fulfilling life.

You may have tried fertility treatment with no success, or considered other family building options  but decided that wasn’t right for you, you may have a partner who doesn’t want to have children, or perhaps you just didn’t find the right person to have a baby with. Whatever your circumstances, we offer support, advice and coping strategies on ways to begin to move forwards and find a way to appreciate and enjoy your life without children. Our support is not just for women. Men matter here too, individually or as part of a couple.

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    A review by Kerry, More to Life Member The Peltz Gallery, Birbeck College, University of London This exhibition came about partly because literary historian, Dr. Isabel Davis, was curious as…

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