Fertility Network responds to HFEA state of fertility sector report and national patient survey

Commenting on the HFEA’s state of the fertility sector report and patient survey, Aileen Feeney, chief executive of patient-focused charity Fertility Network, said: ‘Fertility Network is pleased to have supported the HFEA in the development of the new National Fertility Patient Survey, and that their plans provide a focus on clinics demonstrating how they are delivering, and improving services to better meet the emotional and support needs of patients and their partners. Fertility patients and their partners’ emotional needs are far too often overlooked, that’s why Fertility Network has launched its Patient Pledge scheme which encourages clinics to make a commitment to recognising the importance of and supporting the emotional needs of all patients.

It is concerning that, from this first Fertility Patient Survey, we can see that a quarter of patients were not satisfied with their treatment experience; one in five patients say they did not receive any information about counselling; and over three-fifths (62%) of patients whose most recent treatment was at a private clinic say they paid more than they expected to. This shows more needs to be done to support and inform fertility patients who are often incredibly vulnerable when going through treatment.’

A copy of the HFEA’s full state of the sector report can be found at


A copy of the HFEA’s national patient survey can be found at









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