Wellbeing in the Workplace; Holistic Wellbeing Programme, Session 3

18 Jun 2024

Tuesday 18th June 2024, 7pm

The holistic fertility sessions aim to help the participant achieve a more comprehensive understanding of body/mind connection  (in relation to fertility) and promote overall well-being. These sessions provide a safe space for individuals to explore their physical, emotional, and mental health, with the ultimate goal of supporting their fertility journey.

Participants must be able to commit to all 4 session, every Tuesday throughout June 2024.

The main targets of these sessions are:

  • Connecting with the physical body, Becoming more conscious about the body/mind connection
  • Learning the basic yoga postures/breathing techniques/relaxation and meditation techniques to balance the body and the mind
  • Becoming aware of the levels of stress, and learn about the tools to manage stress, Learning how to destress/recharge the body/mind
  • Becoming aware of the impact of the emotions on body/mind and learn how to manage them
  • Learning about the lifestyle modification which will support their journey
  • Learning how to use simple techniques and holistic tools in their own life

Session 3

Theory: emotional management (awareness of the emotional states and how to deal with them with lifestyle interventions, specific tools of yoga and meditation)

Aim: awareness of the emotions, taking the attitude of a witness, their impact on body/mind, releasing and transforming negative emotions

Practices included in this session: specific yoga postures for releasing emotional tension, breathing techniques, short relaxation techniques, meditation for emotional management

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