Same-sex couples’ online fertility group launches

If you're in a same-sex relationship and undergoing fertility treatment or considering your fertility options why not join our online fertility group

Fertility Network UK is launching a new fertility group for couples in a same-sex relationship undergoing fertility treatment, or considering their fertility options. The group will initially offer peer support online, with face-to-face meetings coordinated by Fertility Network UK later in the year.

This is the first official fertility group of its kind managed by Fertility Network UK, the national charity for anyone experiencing fertility issues. The closed Facebook group is open to both male and female same-sex couples who are trying to become parents.

Hannah Tramaseur, England co-ordinator at Fertility Network UK said: ‘Fertility groups are invaluable at getting practical advice about options and emotional support at a difficult time. This group is a confidential space where you can seek advice, support and understanding from others who are experiencing the same issues. You may join to meet others in your area or to find out practical information about next steps and treatment options. The group is open to all couples in a same-sex relationship at any stage of their fertility journey.’

The launch of the group during Gay Pride comes as the number of same-sex female couples receiving fertility treatment has significantly increased in recent years (HFEA Fertility trends report, 2014).

For more information, contact Hannah Tramaseur or to join the group, visit: