The Pants Project

14 Feb 2017

Natasha Bishop, a 19-year-old English Lit student in Oxford is the founder of The Pants Project. Natasha has a rare condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome which led her to research other women’s stories of infertility. The Pants Project was born.

It is a non-profit organisation set up to raise funds and awareness for those facing the tragic issue of infertility, as well empower as many women as possible and promote body positivity, through the power of pants. They source underwear and other such items, selling them to donate the profits to Fertility Network UK. They have an online collection available for purchase now via the website The Pants Project  and are collaborating with two quintessentially British lingerie brands.

On Valentines Day 2017 in London they hosted a drinks party to raise awareness of fertility issues, promote the project and sell/auction underwear from a number of prestigious lingerie and jewellery designers.

Since first starting this project in August 2016 and launching in December 2016, they have achieved a lot. From raising over 1k so far for Fertility Network UK in our first month to organically growing nearly 5000 followers across our social media platforms and being picked up by editorials such as Miss Vogue, it’s safe to say The Pants Project if off to a great start.