Karen’s Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon

27 May 2017 Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

After the loss of their daughter Poppy Mai Savage my daughter and son in law have suffered 6 years of infertility. Their journey to become a family has been a challenging one to say the least. They have endured incredibly painful times and suffered the purest heartbreak anyone could imagine. Their relationship has been pushed to the limit and everything that they once enjoyed paled into insignificance. Infertility is an immense grief that lives with the couple daily. I have seen this first hand watching them struggle. What is needed is support for those facing this and for the taboo and silence to be broken.

During their suffering they have found the Fertility Network to be an incredibly supportive outlet, that have not only listened but allowed them to share their stories with others and campaigned for people in similar situations. To them the work this charity does is priceless.

So to show my appreciation I am running in both the 5k & 1/2 marathon in Liverpool on 27/28th May 2017 to acknowledge the valuable work the Fertility Network charity delivers. On behalf of myself and my family I would like to say a big heartfelt THANK YOU.