Fertility Bracelet

11 Apr 2017

My name is Georgia I’m 26 and I’m an IVF warrior! My partner and I are onto our second fresh cycle. We have completed 1 frozen cycle also. Going into start IVF I don’t think I was fully prepared for the emotional, mental and physical implications. My first cycle failed in January 2016 and for a good few months I was in a dark place and infertility seemed to consume me. We then went onto a frozen cycle in May 2016 which worked however we suffered a missed miscarriage my 6th loss. I decided that next cycle I would do everything I possibly could to be as relaxed as possible. I started my second fresh cycle in January 2017 and while scrolling through my Instagram I saw Jayne Gunn of Pretty Little Doll Jewellery had uploaded a picture onto her Instagram page of the rose quartz fertility bracelet and I ordered it right away. I haven’t taken it off since! I truly believe that IVF and infertility is not spoken about enough and there is a stigma attached to speaking about it. I think what Jayne has done is amazing bringing a little bit of light into a very emotional time and is wonderful for me personally. I feel wearing this bracelet has brought me a sense of peace and to trust in my body and myself.

Jayne set up her jewellery business some 4 years ago to be at home with her husband who has cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis also causes infertility in men. After 4 failed IVF treatments (one NHS funded and 3 private to a cost of £20.000), she decided to give up her full time job and start her jewellery business full time. She designed the ‘fertility’ bracelet featuring rose quartz for its numerous healing properties. Each purchaser receives a personal note in with the bracelet saying “Life doesn’t always go to plan, so here’s a little something special to help you on your journey…the rose quarts representing fertility.”

Sometimes you just need that little something that makes you feel good and positive about everything and it is a bonus that it is so pretty after all, all of us IVF warriors deserve it!’