Fertility Network UK statement on egg freezing

Do you know the five ages of female fertility?

Aileen Feeney, chief executive of Fertility Network UK, said: ‘Egg freezing may be a good option for some women who are not yet in the position of starting their family and who can afford the costs. However, egg freezing is still in its infancy and although success rates are increasing, the data is still very limited. Anyone considering this should be given accurate information on the potential success rate for their own individual circumstances. They also need to understand that this is not a guarantee of future success – it is not a fertility insurance policy – and that their future partner may have his own fertility problems. Clinics should be very clear on all these points when offering this option so that individuals can make an informed choice as to whether egg freezing is worth the cost.’

The five ages of female fertility (going up in 7-year steps) are:

14: most women have begun to ovulate

21: female fertility is at or reaching its peak

28: female fertility has begun to decline

35: female fertility drops steeply

42: the chance of becoming a biological mother is vanishingly small