Fertility Network meets with MP to talk about campaign for fair access to IVF

Anya Sizer, Regional Organiser for London has been meeting with Labour MP Paula Sherriff to talk about the campaign for fair access to IVF for all. Paula was one of the powerhouse MPs behind the recent Tampon Tax campaign and is determined to get the IVF Debate clearly on the political agenda once Parliament reconvenes in September.

Anya will also be meeting with senior members of the Women’s Equality Party and speaking to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Health this September. The APPG were so impressed with the recent coverage generated by Fertility Network on the issue of IVF cuts that they have decided to make the IVF one of their key focal points later this year. We are hoping that along with the patient campaign to contact local MPs there will be a real and sustained increase in awareness and pressure in parliament this Autumn.