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26 Sep 2017 The London Women's Clinic, Harley Street, London, United Kingdom

London Womens Clinic


Our INSEMINAR events are a great chance to learn more about treatment with donor sperm. The session will guide you through selecting a sperm donor, your fertility and possible treatments such as donor insemination, IVF, egg-sharing and egg donation. Legal implications and how to support yourself through treatment will also be discussed.

14 October 2017 – 11am

28 October 2017 – 11am


Fertility Options for single women

Whether you are interested in freezing your eggs for the future or considering treatment with donor sperm as a single woman, this seminar will guide you through all of the options available to you. Fertility preservation (of both eggs and embryos) will be discussed as well as treatment using donor sperm, how to pick a sperm donor and any legal implications.

26 September 2017 – 1.30pm

14 October 2017 – 1.30pm

28 October 2017 – 1.30pm

For more information and to book your place on either of these events then please visit the London Women’s Clinic website