If you are finding it difficult to access NHS fertility treatment, or just want to help improve access, then join our campaign.

Access to NHS fertility treatment varies across the country. Local variations are more apparent in England where your postcode determines not only the number of cycles you will receive, but also the access criteria. Each of the devolved nations has their own centrally set standard access criteria with the number of cycles available equitable across each area.

To campaign for improved access to NHS fertility treatment, write (or email or tweet) to your local politician. In order to make this as straightforward as possible for you, we have prepared some draft letters appropriate for the areas where we are campaigning for changes (see below). If you are comfortable doing so, it is helpful to include details of your personal situation: how fertility struggles affect you physically, emotionally, financially and socially

England is, quite simply, a postcode lottery and here our campaign calls for full implementation of the NICE Guideline.  Write to your MP pointing out that NICE recommends those eligible should access up to three full cycles, and asking for their support to improve the current situation. For more support and information get in touch with our England Co-ordinator.

Letter to MP to lobby for Fairer provision of NHS IVF Treatment

Please also send a copy of your correspondence to:

Steve Barclay MP, Secretary of State at the Department of Health, MJS House
Wisbech Road, Westry, March, PE15 0BA
Email: stephen.barclay.mp@parliament.uk   Twitter: @SteveBarclayMP


Maria Caulfield, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Women) and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Mental Health and Women’s Health Strategy), Unit 6 Villandry, West Quay, Newhaven, BN9 9GB

Email: maria.caulfield.mp@parliament.uk   Twitter: @mariacaulfield

Provision in Northern Ireland is poor, with only one part cycle offered and here again we need to campaign for an increase in the number of cycles offered.  Write to your MLA, pointing out how unfair access in Northern Ireland is compared to Scotland and Wales, and ask for their support. You can also email our N Ireland Co-ordinator to find out how else you can help.

Letter to MLA to lobby for full implementation of NICE

In Scotland, all eligible women under 40 can now access the same gold standard of fertility treatment: three full IVF cycles, including access for couples with children from previous relationships

Those living in Wales currently receive two full cycles; we now need to campaign for Wales to follow Scotland and increase this to three. You can help by writing to your AM to ask for their support. You can also email our Wales Co-ordinator for more information, and to find out what more you can do.

Letter to AM to lobby for full implementation of NICE