Ever thought about using your own experiences to help others?  With just a couple of hours a month you could make such a difference to someone going through their own struggles with childlessness.  Read Tinya’s story below to find out more.

What is a Local Volunteer?

A local volunteer or local contact is a member of the More to Life group who helps the main contact with organising social meet ups and keeping members up to date on what is happening with the group. They are also a secondary contact for new members. They help to welcome new members to the group by talking on the phone or meeting for coffee before the new member would take the big step of meeting the main group for the first time.

Why did you decide to become a Local Volunteer?

I have just finished a year of being a local volunteer and found it rewarding.  I wanted to help out when another member said they wanted to let someone else have a go.  I really appreciated the support the group had given me during the first couple of years of being a More to Life member and wanted to give something back. I was welcomed as a volunteer and given training to help support what I was doing. This was in the form of a short online training package and lots of advice from the previous volunteer who was always there to help me or our main co-ordinator.

When you started was it was you expected?

During my year as volunteer, I did a wide variety of things from organising a Christmas dinner, to keeping members up-to-date on our other bi-monthly meetups for drinks and attendance at a series of workshops. I felt privileged to talk to 3 new members as they took tentative steps to joining our group. Some find it isn’t for them or the time isn’t right and join at a later stage or some jump straight in. With the help of technology – emails, WhatsApp etc. I enjoyed being able to keep in contact with the group members outside of the normal meet ups. With working full-time and running another group, I recently stood down from the organising part of the volunteer role although I am still a local contact for new members.

What would you say to anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer?

For anyone interested in the role – go for it. It is a rewarding way to practice your organising skills, to connect more with the group rather than just being a casual member and to help others along their childless journey.


Belfast – Moving OnWards group

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Gillian to find out more.