Fertility in the Workplace: Helping firms support staff on their fertility journey

Is your organisation doing all it can to support staff facing fertility struggles? There are more than 3.5 million people in the UK experiencing fertility problems, with the majority of them in employment, meaning staff within your organisation will be impacted.

Why have a fertility policy?

Fertility Network is the UK’s leading patient fertility charity and our research shows most employees are reluctant to speak to their employer about their fertility struggles because of uncertainty about the potential detrimental effect on their career. We know it’s not uncommon for staff to end up reducing their hours or quitting their job if they’re unable to balance work and fertility issues.

That’s why a growing number of firms now have a fertility policy in place outlining the help available – they appreciate a supportive workplace is good for business as well as for employees.

‘Fertility Network’s infertility awareness & best practice session was invaluable in helping us formulate an action plan & policy to support staff undergoing fertility treatment’ GamCare

Years of experience

Fertility Network has years of experience working with large and small organisations developing tailored fertility policies. Way back in 2004, our work with Unison in Scotland led to the introduction of a fertility policy across all 32 local authorities and today our Fertility in the Workplace initiative is flourishing.

‘Fertility Network’s event was fantastic – extremely informative & personable. It brought together a community who might not otherwise have shared their stories’ Ministry of Defence

We’ve worked with the likes of HSBC, Unilever, Tesco, the Ministry of Defence, LinkedIn, Sony and Barclays, as well as smaller employers including Peppy Health, local authorities and NHS trusts. We believe improving knowledge of fertility and reproductive health within society is essential – from education to the workplace.

‘The information shared was truly insightful & has sparked conversations that are already incredibly beneficial’ RBC Wealth Management

Tailored support sessions

In addition to developing tailormade fertility policies, we facilitate sessions with managers and staff to enhance understanding of the impact of fertility and treatment. The aim of the Fertility in the Workplace initiative is for staff to feel supported and happy at work during an emotionally and physically difficult time and for employers to have the information and confidence to provide the support needed. Follow-up sessions to ensure continuity of care are another core part of our support services package.

‘Working with Fertility Network encouraged colleagues across the business to share their stories; Anya supported us every step of the way in removing any stigma around infertility & miscarriage in a sensitive & informative way’ AutoTrader

A wealth of resources and contacts

Reaching out to the national patient charity to help provide fertility support for your staff means working with the organisation with the longest track record in this field and a wealth of resources and contacts. As the leading UK fertility charity, we work with key stakeholders, such as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, and government and local health services. We have an advisory board of leading figures in the fertility field. 

‘Fertility Network’s expert knowledge & compassion is first class. The resources & information they provide are excellent, as is the manner in which they deal with our team & our clients’ Peppy Health

Get in touch

If you would like to improve fertility understanding and support within your organisation, then get in touch with our Fertility in the Workplace lead Anya Sizer anya@fertilitynetworkuk.org for details of the packages available and our competitive rates. They include fertility policy development, lunch and learns, line manager sessions and sessions focusing on a particular fertility issues, such as fertility preservation, the male perspective, LGBT+ and single women treatment, involuntary childlessness and moving from treatment to adoption. All sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Other testimonials

‘Fertility Network’s series of insightful talks raised both awareness & generated meaningful conversations among colleagues; feedback is overwhelmingly positive’ Tesco

‘Thank you for helping us to begin some really important conversations & for allowing our members to feel safe & confident enough to speak up’ RBC Wealth Management