Infertility is a disease that affects 3.5 million men and women across the UK. This figure equates to approximately 1 in 6 of all couples, the majority of whom are likely to be in employment.

Infertility has a devastating impact on people’s lives, with 90 per cent reporting feelings of depression. Many employers now have mental health policies, but only leading employers have a policy that focuses on supporting employees through fertility challenges.

Our research shows that most people suffering from infertility are reluctant to speak to their employer about it, because they fear doing so will detrimentally affect their career.  Research also shows that 19 per cent of people facing infertility reduce their hours or leave employment completely. This can be challenging for an employer operationally, but also financially as the average cost to employers to replace a single member of staff is estimated by ACAS to be more than £30,000.

There are multiple research studies that prove employees who feel supported and engaged with their employer, perform better at work and are less likely to leave; importantly though, it is also shown that the employer experiences improved business outcomes.

Fertility Network believes therefore that it is essential that employers support employees facing fertility challenges and by doing this it will be good for business and good for the employees.

Our Fertility in the Workplace initiative can help you implement such a policy and will also enable your staff and managers to understand the impact of infertility, what fertility treatment is really like so they will be able to support those around them.


Lunch and Learn Session

This informal session helps to raise the general awareness of infertility.  This introduction allows individuals to support co-workers, friends and family who may be facing difficulties trying to conceive.

Fertility Policy Consultation 

Our in-house experts will support your team to introduce or review an existing policy to make sure that your company is best able to support your employees with a minimum impact to them and their co-workers.

COMING SOON! Fertility in the Workplace Workshop – 10 delegates

A half day training session facilitated by our expert trainers for employers and managers to gain an in depth understanding of the reality of fertility treatment and the impacts thereof.  This session will prove invaluable when managing and supporting individuals facing infertility

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Key facts:

Did you know?

  • infertility is a disease, as defined by the World Health Organisation
  • infertility affects both men and women, mixed and same sex couples and individuals
  • 42per cent of fertility patients have felt suicidal
  • 54 per cent of patients had to pay for part or all of their treatment
  • 50 per cent felt concerned that treatment would affect their career prospects
  • maternity rights under the Equality Act 2010 and protection apply from the date of embryo transfer (often referred to as the implantation of an embryo)
  • if fertility treatment is successful, maternity rights and protection continue from the date of embryo transfer until the end of a woman’s maternity leave. If fertility treatment is not successful, maternity rights and protection apply from the date of embryo transfer and then for a further two weeks after a negative test (which is typically taken two weeks after embryo transfer/implantation)

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