In approximately half of couples experiencing difficulties conceiving, part of the problem lies with the male. Male infertility has a variety of causes. The most common cause is that the man’s semen has too few normal sperm to pass through the female tract and fertilise the egg.

If you have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for 12 months, you should see your GP. However if you have any of the following problems you should visit your GP straight away:

  • undescended testicles
  • injury or trauma to the testicles
  • sexually transmitted infections

Your GP should examine you and arrange for you to have a semen analysis. If necessary your GP will then refer you to a fertility specialist who may arrange for further tests. You will then be able to decide on the best treatment to help you to conceive.

A man’s fertility reflects his general health. Following a healthy lifestyle may help improve sperm quality. Smoking, alcohol, use of steroids and recreational drugs, poor diet and stress can all affect not only your general health but also the health of your sperm.


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