I am thrilled my first stint as Trustee is with Fertility Network UK. ¬†While I have not lived through fertility issues firsthand, I have witnessed how difficult the road to parenthood can be through my best friend’s experience. A chronic patient myself, with fertility one of the complications, I fully appreciate how crucial health literacy is to get access to the best professionals, treatments and support networks, including charities like FNUK. I am a fierce advocate of putting physical and mental health on par – essential when building a family becomes a challenge. I strongly believe that shared decision making should be at the centre of every healthcare journey – no decision about me without me.

During the past 14 years, as a government and public affairs professional, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry, I have passionately advocated for the patient voice to be at the centre of health policies and care pathways. My solid expertise in public relations at large, my international perspective along with my aspiration to bring my skills and value together will, I hope, contribute to delivering FNUK’s mission.