Our Regional Staff in England


England Co-ordinator (Leave)
My role is to support fertility patients in England. Before working for the charity, I enjoyed being a Fertility Network UK volunteer for two fertility groups and a media volunteer as well. Volunteering for the charity has provided valuable experience, understanding and empathy to carry forward into my role as England Coordinator. I look after our Information Line and respond to questions about NHS Funding. I liaise with commissioners in England to lobby for NICE guidance to be followed and to ensure they are aware of the impact of any decisions on patients. I also work with fertility clinics, GPs and other health care professionals, to help them to understand the patient perspective and to make sure patients can access evidence-based information and advice I promote awareness of the charity and of the impact of fertility issues in England and work closely with my colleagues across the UK. I also represent the charity on external groups and committees.

Email: carla@fertilitynetworkuk.org
Ethnic Minorities Community Project Worker
In my role as Ethnic Minorities Project Worker, my job is to support a diverse range of people from ethnic minority communities. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of the work of bridging the gaps between accessibility, awareness and support amongst Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people. I am excited to also promote our network to grassroots community organisations. I value being in the position to raise awareness about fertility issues to marginalised and underrepresented communities. To also promote the advice & support that we offer and increase knowledge and engagement with Fertility Network UK. My own experience of the impact of fertility issues as a Black woman, inspires me to strive for effective change and to influence and improve race equality in fertility treatment. In addition, helping to advocate for people from ethnic minority communities to access support, treatment and better outcomes, at any stage of their fertility journey. Working in the mental health sector as a therapist, I am passionate about improving the support and wellbeing of those affected by fertility issues.

Email: jenny@fertilitynetworkuk.org
Tel: 07563 799206
Jude Allen
England Coordinator (PT - Leave cover)
Having been a volunteer for the Fertility Network’s Newcastle support group since 2018, I officially joined the team in January 2023 as the Project Worker for England but have since been promoted to England Coordinator. My role is to coordinate activity to support all service users in England and to raise awareness and assist in bridging gaps between our charity and fertility clinics, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to help them understand the patient perspective. I liaise with ICBs in England to lobby for NICE guidance to be followed and to ensure they are aware of the impact of any decisions on patients. My own journey to conceiving was a difficult one, but I now feel very lucky to have a little girl from IVF. My personal experience inspires me to strive for greater awareness and understanding of what it is really like to experience infertility. I am passionate about ensuring that the Fertility Network UK services reach those who need them and want people dealing with fertility issues to feel supported and that they are not alone.

Email: jude@fertilitynetworkuk.org
London Representative
I am the London Representative and the point of contact for the London clinics. I provide support to the London groups and volunteers at Fertility Network UK. I also co-ordinate activities within the region by liaising with different stakeholders to increase awareness of Fertility Network UK’s support services in London and build regional contacts for the charity. Aside from this role, I am a PhD student researcher at UCL with academic research interest in Fertility & Reproductive Health education.

Email: rina@fertilitynetworkuk.org
Tel: 07400 905459