#Scream4IVF is Fertility Network’s noisiest ever campaign and we’d love you to get involved. Together we have the power to end unfair access to IVF.


The screams of childbirth are loud.

But the screams of frustration from not being able to have a child are just as loud.

Yet they’re not being heard.


 1 in 6 couples in the UK experience the pain and devastation of infertility. But 98% of

England’s NHS services and all of Wales and Northern Ireland unfairly ration IVF treatment. Producing millions of unheard screams.


We want to launch the campaign with a big bang. So, if you can, please could you post your #Scream4IVF on the morning of Thursday 6th September between 8 and 9am to help the hashtag trend across social media.

3 steps to fair access to IVF treatment:

  1. Capture your scream (video or photo) on your smartphone or tablet.


  1. Upload your scream on social media with #Scream4IVF and the link to the petition. Here’s an example post you might want to use:

Here’s my #Scream4IVF to support #FertilityFairness. Everyday 100s of couples are denied fertility treatment because of their postcode. Leading to pain and frustration. Help take the debate to Parliament by sharing your #Scream4IVF + sign the petition bit.ly/Scream4IVF


  1. Sign the petition to help force a debate in Parliament.


Find out more at www.scream4IVF.org

Fertility Network’s press release on the campaign is available here.