Media volunteers needed

National Fertility Awareness Week 1-5 Nov 2021 is one month away and we need your help. We will be highlighting the following five themes during the week and we need people happy to share their experiences in these areas with the media (you can be anonymous).

If you are able to help, please email Catherine Hill at with brief details of your situation. The 5 themes are:

Fertility Fairness: are you clinically eligible for NHS IVF but have struggled to access NHS-funded fertility services because of where you live, your race, your sexuality or anything else?

Donor Day: do you have experience of either using donor gametes or embryos or of donating eggs, sperm or embryos?

HIMfertility: do you have experience of male factor infertility or are you the male partner in a couple experiencing female factor fertility problems? HIMfertility male support group.

Fertility Ed: do you have strong views on fertility education? Do you wish you had been better informed? Are your employers informed about fertility issues or in need of education? Were you supported by your workplace when having IVF?

Talk Fertility: how was your fertility treatment impacted by the COVID19 pandemic? Has emotional support been available for you during your fertility journey? Are you considering stopping fertility treatment? Are you considering other ways, adoption or surrogacy, to become parents? Are you childless-not-by-choice?

Thank you for your help. This is your week and we want to hear from you. Together we are stronger. YouAreNotAlone