#IVFis40 National Fertility Awareness Week 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2017

We want to hear your IVF memories - positive and negative - to help raise awareness of fertility issues

Can you help? One of the focus areas of this year’s National Fertility Awareness Week 30 Oct – 5 Nov is commemorating 40 years since 10 November 1977, when Louise Joy Brown was conceived.
As part of this, we are asking patients and professionals to send us their #IVFis40 memories – stories and pics- from the last four decades.
Memories (both positive and negative) should be sent to media@fertilitynetworkuk.org The memories can be personal ones, or related to IVF milestones, or whatever is most striking for you about 40 years of IVF.
Responses will be posted on the awareness week website www.nfaw.org.uk and shared on social media; they can be anonymous.
We are also producing an #IVFis40 milestones leaflet and if you would like to contribute to this in any way, please email Catherine Hill at media@fertilitynetworkuk.org as soon as possible.