We heard from 1000 people, all of whom are struggling to have a baby.

90% of people say infertility feels like a trauma and 94% say they don’t think  their friends, family or colleagues really understand what they are going through in their journey to have a baby

We discovered, 55% of people say their fertility struggle makes them feel hopeless and like a failure.  68% say they believe other people think less of them because they do not have a child.

21% of people feel closer to their partner if they’ve been identified as the reason as to why they had not fallen pregnant.  9% feel resentment towards their partner.  4% would leave their partner.

41% of people say their relationship has been affected in a negative way, while 34% say it has had a positive impact on their relationship

People are often quick to offer advice or comments when hearing about someone’s fertility struggle.  Our survey tells us  54% of people feel annoyed by other people’s comments

37% of people are angered by comments and only 12% get comfort from comments by other people.

Comments include;

  • Just relax and it will happen
  • It will happen when you stop trying
  • Don’t think negatively – don’t stress
  • You’re only young
  • Just adopt

When people trying to have a baby hear success stories of IVF their first reaction is not always positive.  44% do feel hopefulness on the news.  But 31% of people’s first reaction is jealousy. 

34% of people have put themselves in financial jeopardy in their journey to have a baby

Nearly a quarter (23%) of people have suffered a miscarriage following IVF.

Despite this 54% of people are not open to surrogacy.  33% of people are open to surrogacy