Webinar- Making decisions about Embryo Transfer with Rachel Cutting from the HFEA and Anthony Rutherford, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

28 Apr 2022

If you’re having IVF/ICSI, we’ve got a webinar coming up to help you understand more about how decisions are made about how many embryos to transfer.

Do you want to know more about how doctors and embryologists make decisions about this, what the guidance is and who makes the decisions? Do you understand the science which guides recommendations about this?

On 28 April at 6.30pm we’ll be joined by Rachel Cutting, Director of Compliance and Information at the HFEA, and Anthony Rutherford, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, to answer your questions.

You can send questions in advance to kate@fertilitynetworkuk.org but we will also have time for questions on the night.

Register here