Virtual Pub Quiz at The Ovary Arms!

8 May 2020

Join us for our very first virtual pub quiz!

Friday 8th May, 7pm.

Four rounds of feel-good quizzing to bring the TTC Comunity together for a little uplifting fun on VE Day bank holiday. Dress up or dress down, maybe wear your red, white and blue, but get yourself a drink in – whilst your there, why not grab us one too…

We’re organising this event as part of our #HelpUsHelpOthers campaign. All donations help us to continue supporting our community through this difficult period.

If you can and want to, we’d love a pint of stout, or a G&T, a packet of smokey bacon or a good old pickled egg! Use this link to buy us a drink at the bar!

What do I have to do?

Not much! Just try your hand at our lovingly designed rounds:

  1. ‘Who does this squished celebrity face belong to?’
  2. ‘What feel-good song is this?’
  3. ‘What colour were his pants?’ and other things you probably didn’t notice
  4. ‘Blankety-blank’

Do I have to have my video on?

Nope! But we’d love to see your smiley faces.

What can I win?

Oh come now, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part… but seeing as we think you deserve a treat, we organised some fab prizes for you! A massive thanks to the companies and individuals who have donated these fantastic prizes. We’re pretty jealous that we can’t win them ourselves.

Ovusense tracker and annual subscription

Mela Comfort weighted blanket to help with anxiety 

Glowing Bumps preconception fitness and lifestyle programme access

Calming Mist Aromatherapy Spray from Made By Coopers

Waterdrop glass bottle with flavoured extracts to help you drink more water

Femometer Smart BBT thermometer (Vinca) and OPK packs

Warrior, a book about battling infertility by Tori Day (signed copy)

TTC Pineapple pins from IVF Babble

Sounds like fun, how do I reserve a table at the virtual pub quiz?

Register here!