Group Mentoring Session; Women in the Workplace

13 Feb 2024

It is recognised that those experiencing fertility challenges can feel
overwhelmed and lonely, especially when managing work life and undergoing
treatment. A group mentoring programme aims to bring together a group of employees
for a specific purpose or goal, in this case to explore and discuss current
challenges around fertility and work.


Tuesday 13th February, 7pm

We are excited to announce our brand new for 2024, Group Mentoring programme where we will be offering support and guidance to women experiencing fertility challenges at work.

Group mentoring takes place in a collaborative, safe and facilitated environment.


What to expect:

The discussions will be facilitated by a group lead and will introduce activities
or exercises for attendees to:

  • Bring insights and knowledge to light that ultimately encourage learning,
    growth, and problem-solving
  • Help employees discover alternative viewpoints, provide an opportunity
    to give and receive feedback
  • Build relationships that are based on trust and a shared experience
  • Explore a specific challenge linked to the workplace, such as how to inform
    their line manager or how to manage workload whilst having treatment
    which they can bring to the group and leave with specific actions to reach
    a resolution.

Going through fertility can be lonely and difficult, having a supportive group
can encourage confidence and support mental wellbeing.

This group is supporting by our experienced wellbeing lead in Fertility in the Workplace and will be hosted monthly.

  • Bring your own personal challenges and use the space to share with others who may have similar experiences and leave with some actions to support you through your journey.
  • Benefit from listening and learning from others.
  • Hear from experts on topics such as employment law.
  • Create support networks in a supportive environment.

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