Yoga 25th November

25 Nov 2021

Thursday, 25th November at 6:30pm.

The yoga will be live but don’t worry, you won’t be seen or heard! The only person on screen will be our lovely instructor Annie Perry.

So, what is Yoga?

Yoga is an excellent therapy for reducing stress which is helpful to everyone. There will be a focus on breathing techniques for stress reduction and enhancing fertility. The yoga postures are all suitable for trying to conceive. Each class will finish with a relaxation and meditation specifically for fertility.

Why is yoga good for fertility? 

  • Yoga Reduces Levels of Stress Hormones in the Blood Stream which means the body can focus on reproductive hormones instead.
  • Yoga stimulates the heart and pelvic areas, encouraging blood flow to the reproductive organs.
  • Yoga supports and helps to regulate the endocrine system which helps balance the hormones –  very important for fertility.

If you want to understand more about the links between fertility and yoga before starting then please see the webinar hosted by Fertility Network Scotland entitled Yoga for Fertility: A Beginner’s Guide.

What do I need?

  • A yoga mat if you have one (a soft floor/carpeted area if not)
  • some comfortable clothes that you can move/stretch in
  • A cushion for support
  • A blanket for the relaxation session

If you want to, we’d be very grateful for a small donation

If you can spare a donation of £3 per class to help us cover costs and keep the classes going, we’d be over the moon!

Donate HERE

How do I sign up and is logging in difficult?

Simply follow this SIGN-UP LINK and enter your details, you will be sent a confirmation email which will contain the webinar link. The webinar will not show your video, you will only see our team and Annie