City Fertility Patient Information Evening

21 Jan 2020 16 St John St, London EC1M 4NT, UK

Have you ever thought about whether City Fertility is the right clinic for you? The decision about where to go for fertility treatment is not an easy one and it may be really helpful for you to visit the clinic beforehand.

We run regular Patient Information Evenings every first Tuesday of the month. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get to see our facility, find out about the services we offer and also interact as a group and on a one to one basis with doctors. There is always someone available from each department to be able to answer your questions and discuss your specific options. So if you are considering fertility treatment, we do encourage you to join us for one of these sessions as you will find a lot of very useful information.

The evenings take place in our clinic at 16 St John Street, London, EC1M 4NT.

Our next Free Patient Information Evening is on 21st January 2020 and starts at 6:00 pm (lasting about 2 hours). We have a limited number of spaces available so please register your place using the form below or ring 020 8209 3226. Thank you.

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