Blackpool to Manchester Charity Walk by The Fertility Fairies

14 Aug 2021 Phoenix City Restaurant, Castle Street, Stalybridge, UK

As a young woman being told I might never have my own children naturally it has been a massive challenge to accept mentally. Luckily I have the support of the most amazing family and friends but this still doesn’t change the outcome of what could be. Its such a cliché but it really is true when they say unless your going through it you don’t understand how people feel, some days I can actually feel my heart hurting. So as a team of 3 we have decided to create the “fertility fairies” to create awareness and support for other people who are in the same situation…myself, Danielle and Jade all have our own personal experiences and reasons for choosing this charity. We would love for you to watch us along our journey from Blackpool-Manchester as well as feel so much more supported if you are dealing with this, we want to create a network of people who support people who can all understand and empathise with each individual’s situation as well raise awareness that this is a topic that isn’t really talked about but should be normalised instead of making women feel uncomfortable and ashamed.

Thank you

Jess, Jade and Danielle 

The Fertility Fairies


Jess Hankinson is fundraising for Fertility Network UK (