Coping with Other People’s Pregnancy Announcements

One of our staff members starts off our Expert Column series, speaking from their personal experience of coping with pregnancy announcements while trying to conceive.

When you’re trying to conceive and it’s taking longer than you expected, suddenly the world can seem like it’s full of bumps, babies and other people’s pregnancy announcements. Dealing with other people’s pregnancy announcements is hard enough, but it can be particularly painful when it’s someone close to you, someone you love, or someone you really want to be happy for.

Remember that it’s possible to feel more than one emotion at once

It’s completely normal to have more than one emotional reaction to a pregnancy announcement. Don’t feel bad for these emotions, they’re natural.


Take care of your own emotions first

If you can, allow yourself to initially feel sad, angry and jealous, and then give yourself time to process these emotions. If you accept how you’re feeling, you’ll probably notice that these emotions fade much quicker, and you can begin to feel happy for the other person.


Talk to the other person about how you’re feeling

If you can, finding a way to explain your mixed emotions will also help you process them. Saying, ‘I’m so happy for you, I wouldn’t want you to have to experience what I’m going through, but I’m still sad for me’, can open a two-way understanding of the situation. Approach this carefully (or not at all) if you think the other person will be upset.


Build a support network of others who understand

Joining social media support groups like our Facebook groups, connecting to others online and perhaps having one friend who you know you can turn to, will make these experiences 100% easier to manage.


Talk to Fertility Network

We’re here for you. Head to our website where you will find all the details of our support resources (contact numbers/support groups) and our regional staff contact information. #YouAreNotAlone