When I was a little girl, did I think I would grow up, get married and have children? Yes I did, didn’t everyone? My best friend and I had it all planned out; we would marry boys who were friends, live next door to each other and our kids would become best friends. When I think back now, I wonder at the absolutely delightful chocolate-covered with a cherry on top thoughts that we have as children. Not a care in the world or a worry on our mind. It’s a lovely level of innocence combined with a naivety of the real world, which will one day smack you hard in the face.

My own whack of reality came almost a year ago. My husband and I are what I like to call soul mates. Don’t get me wrong, I would say I am a realist bordering on a cynic at heart, but when I met my husband almost five years ago, he changed everything. Never in my life had I met someone quite so ideal for me. He is everything I wanted in a husband but thought I would never be able to find. And so our blissful life began.

After getting married in 2014 we began trying to conceive straight away. We had so much love to give and knew there would be no child in the world more cherished.

After two years of trying and nothing to show for it, we made a trip to our GP. I was very reluctant; terrified that they would find something and then it would become a “problem”. I didn’t want to deal with a problem like that; our life was perfect and I didn’t want anything to spoil that.

After some initial tests, which showed everything as ‘normal’, we were given a referral to the fertility clinic since we had been trying for more than 18 months.

The appointment came in within a couple of months and we were again treated to some initial tests at the clinic. After an extremely painful Hycosy (hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography) procedure, it was confirmed that I had a blocked fallopian tube. Unfortunately this has never been confirmed 100% as when they tried to push the dye in to push the blockage out, I actually screamed the pain was so bad. So they often categorize us as unexplained infertility with likely blocked tube.

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