My Journey: Destination unknown

After many, many, many, months of disappointment,

There comes a time when one needs to make a doctor’s appointment,

Greeted with sympathy and an onward referral,

There can no longer be a deferral.

The hormone levels were too low,

There was something wrong, I could have told you so.

A call to a hospital for the scan number one,

Let me tell you it was no fun.


A diagnosis was received for PCOS,

Much googling was done to alieve my distress.

Next one visited the consultant,

One did not emerge exultant.

The initial recommended medication was a Clomid pill,

However there was no luck still.

So we advanced to the Gonal F injections

To which my body has so far decided REJECTION!

Day 29 done of cycle four,

My body is screaming no more!

The tiredness, the moodiness, the hot flushes and the lack of concentration,

Don’t really help the situation.

Scan number thirty-three, thirty four,

Sure what is another few more?

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